Welcome to BrewDog Nottingham

Welcome to BrewDog Nottingham

We officially opened on Saturday. Here is what the bar looks like. It is on 20 Broad Street for those looking to visit.

BrewDog Nottingham rises from the ashes of an abandoned, 100 year-old factory building whose exposed brick work, dark wood floors and ornate industrialism is utterly befitting of the city's historic Lace Market.

Juxtaposed against miles of soulless, mega-brand pub chains, BrewDog Nottingham is a veritable craft beer oasis where you can enjoy fourteen progressive draft beers, hundreds of incredible bottled beers, artisan snacks and live music from local musicians.

Here is what it looks like.





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  • awesome brew pub.<a href="http://www.bestlawnsweepers.com">lawn sweeper</a>
  • No ice tatty staff not good brewdog

  • Are you open tonight? Need to get ma brewdog on
    Thanks x
  • Me too, had arranged for 11 people from work to go in our lunch break today but turned up to be told they are still closed.

    Was told there were problems in the back, but surely there are some items that you could be trading on.

    You are losing cash by not being open!
  • Gutted! Sauntered down to Brewdog Notts last night to be informed by a polite gent that they'd had to close for the evening?? I'm an Equity for Punks shareholder don't you know!?

    ...but this bar does look like it was always meant to be here - it looks an absolute treat in just the right spot!

  • Don't be worried - it is doing great as all our bars are

    BrewDog James29.02.2012
  • How is the Newcastle bar coming along?
  • is the rumour I've heard true, that BrewDog Nottingham are losing money already, and that you'll be asking the shareholders to bale it out?
    worried shareholder29.02.2012
  • I'm lokoking forward to visiting this weekend. Have you still got 'something planned' to promote the opening. Any share holder tastings like in camden?
    J Bax29.02.2012
  • Check out the single bar stool under the blackboard for billy nomates. Excellent.
  • WELL DONE!!!
    Brew at the Bog29.02.2012

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