Welcome to the Dark Side

Welcome to the Dark Side

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Wednesday 24th August BrewDog Aberdeen

Thursday 25th August BrewDog Glasgow

The IPA Wars are over and the true winners were all the lucky scamps who made it down to BrewDog Aberdeen and BrewDog Edinburgh in July. But from the ashes of this conflict one thing has become clear, the IPA is not the only power in the beery universe!


For one night only BrewDog is turning itself over to the Dark Side. We will have more than 20 beers on draft which will drive home the sheer power and depth of character that is possible in some of the world’s best dark beers.

Beers from BrewDog, Meantime, 8-Wired, Southern Tier, Port Brewing, Evil Twin, De Molen and Mikkeller will all do their part in showing that the power of the Dark Side is impossible to resist.

All you have to do is give in to the darkness and visit BrewDog Aberdeen on Wednesday 24th August and BrewDog Glasgow on Thursday 25th August. It all kicks off at 7pm with further beer launches at 9pm and 10:30pm. Keep an eye out for the Dark Side hitting Edinburgh in September too.

Join BrewDog on the Dark Side

In other bar news, to prevent further injuries, this graphic is now going on the (very clean) glass door of BrewDog Glasgow.


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  • i bought 4 shares at £95. Can you explain your nominal valuing of the shares at £0.05? I can't work out if i've just been ripped off or am just naive
  • What about the posts that have asked perfectly reasonable questions only to be deleted and comments closed shortly thereafter?

    This just all sounds like excuses.
  • Where can I get some of this Beer in San Diego? I want some to review

  • Finlay,

    this is our blog. If someone posts something unfounded or offensive about our company, we reserve the right to delete it.

    Or if there is any repitition. Or personal insults (as was the case between posters during the CAMRA debate) we reserve the right to delete these too.

  • By "spam", do you mean "comments we don't like"?

    I have witnessed comments being closed simply because someone posted a comment that pointed out something negative about BrewDog. That's not "spam" under any normal definition.
  • Sometimes there has been more spam than others and we had to close comments.

    A blog on EFP and loads of other advantages coming soon so your questions will be answered.

  • Also, this blog has been live for 4 days...
  • So why have comments been closed within a couple of hours of blog posts going live in the recent past?

    There are a great number of comments that I have seen deleted, with the comments closed shortly thereafter.
  • Finlay, there will be a full blog post on that shortly.

    comments are closed 2 days after blogs are posted to prevent Spam.

    James, BrewDog22.08.2011
  • Why are comments closed on all the other blog posts?

    I'm particularly interested in why a comment asking about the valuation of the company was removed from the last EFP advert.
  • Fantastic! Was planning on my first visit to Brewdog Glasgow next Thursday anyway - should be sensational.
  • would have been nice to have this event at Brewdog Camden, whats happening i thought it was opening in August?
    PS: i've just received my shares, how do i get my discount at the online shop?
  • Hi James!
    How i know my username/pw tp Equity for Punks forum?

  • Will Darth Vader be working behind the bar? Looks like its going to be good.
    I Prise18.08.2011
  • Also Riptide needs to be available again on the online shop in it's bottled 8% version. Riptide seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth. So has Paradox for that matter... I miss these beers!!
  • Great to see a De Molen stout involved! Gutted that I can't make it. Any chance of getting some De Molen guest beers in the online shop?

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