What does a Lumberjack have for breakfast? Or Lunch?

What does a Lumberjack have for breakfast? Or Lunch?

Long time friend of BrewDog Tim Anderson along with Tom Whitaker, winner and runner up of Masterchef 2011, visited BrewDog and Musa a few weeks ago. Their top priority was helping Franz and Charlotte brew an awesome beer and also feeding hungry brewers with some local seafood cooked on our pilot plant (seriously!). In addition they also prepared a 7 course beer dinner at Musa.


They curated a killer menu of genre-bending dishes to paired with Brewdog brews that showed even the most stubborn wine-swilling stalwart that food and beer pairing is hardly hogwash. With the aid of these culinary innovators, we press boldly ahead with our quest to elevate beer's cultural profile and underline its status as a worthy companion to all manner of food, from fine dining to fish fingers. Its appeal knows no limits and we won't relent until it's universally respected for its incomparable versatility.

Day of Pigs: Tim Anderson is Back as Masterchef hits Musa

The beer we brewed was devised by Tim and is a Lumberjack Breakfast Stout. A decadent, indulgent and encapsulating malt base that benefits from the addition of oats and smoked malt in the mash tun. Generous amounts of blueberries and maple syrup was added to the kettle during the boil and we added some killer artisinal coffee at the end of the boil. Oh and we also added some bacon.


The beer is currently fermenting away nicely on its way to around 11% alcohol. As if brewing a beer with oats, blueberries, maple syrup, smoked malt, bacon and coffee was not enough for one day, Tim and Tom cooked for our team in the brewery with a small barbeque and our pilot plant.

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  • Oh yes, Let's force the whole world to eat meat, then we are really free and Ben does not have to suffer....
  • I don't believe vegetarians should be catered for in any circumstance. It's their choice, why should the rest of us suffer?
  • Thanks Neil. Best owl at BrewDog.
    Charlotte C18.05.2012
  • A_gnome is a loser face.
  • Contrary to popular belief, it is in fact bacon that makes the world go round.
    Neil S18.05.2012
  • Save an animal, eat a vegetarian.
    Steve Armstrong18.05.2012
  • Dear a_gnome,

    If everything in the world is made "veggie friendly" us omnivores may have to resort to eating you vegetarians.

    BrewDog already do far better than many breweries on the veggie-friendly beer front, let this one example pass. So many veggies I know are forced turn a blind eye to the isinglass situation (I believe even stuff like Stella & Fosters isn't veggie friendly?).

    I for one look forward to trying the Lumberjack's Berry & Bacon Porridge Beer.

  • You were doing so well until you added the Bacon, not Veggie friendly :-(
  • Is this going be readily available though? As in is it going to be bottled and put on the online shop or is it going to simply be for a musa beer dinner or is it going to be yet another bar only beer?
  • Nice owl.
    Neil S18.05.2012
  • sounds like a great beer! Do I get a discount if I wear a lumberjack shirt?
    Mike C18.05.2012
  • Sounds delicious!

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