Work starts at BrewDog Edinburgh

Work starts at BrewDog Edinburgh

Work has officially started at BrewDog Edinburgh. Rebecca (some of you may know her from BrewDog Aberdeen) is full time on site overseeing the renovation and the strip out of all the old delights including slush puppy makers, karaoke machines and dartboards has now started. If all goes to plan we hope to be exciting imaginations in the capital by the 1st of April 2011. Is it bad luck to open a bar on April Fool’s day?


The look and feel will be similar to our bar in Aberdeen, industrial and utilitarian on a budget. I still feel ashamed that we haggled £50 off one of the sofas in Aberdeen that we bought in a charity shop. We also have a tiny kitchen in this one, enough space to introduce people to hop pizzas (seriously).

The Bar will be a library of beery masterpieces from the likes of BrewDog, Stone, Mikkeller, Struise, Alesmith and many more.

No Tennents. No Carling. No Smirnoff. No Televisions.



In the meantime, be sure and check out our bar in Aberdeen

17 Gallowgate, Aberdeen, AB25 1EB

The opening hours
Tue - Sat 12:00 - 24:00
Sun 12:30 - 24:00
Mon 16:00-24:00

Welcome to the Craft Beer Revolution


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  • Fantastic news! Any chance we shareholders might get a sneak preview before it formally opens?
    Leith Dave24.01.2011
  • I live on Blair Street, literally a half a minute's stumble from Chasers. Great stuff!
  • Randall the Enamel Animal will indeed be making an appearance in all the bars Barm!
    bruce gray22.01.2011
  • we are ready to take the plain from italy to edimb.!
  • What do you MEAN you're getting rid of the slush puppy machine??! I hope at least you'll replace it with a Randall the Enamel Animal.
  • Fantastic News!

    Me and my friends looking forward to paying a visit when up there for the fringe festival!!

    . . . and the pizzas sound urm . . interesting?!
    Mark Rollason21.01.2011
  • This is fantastic news!!! I live a few minutes walk from there. think i have found my new den!!
    Scott Watson21.01.2011
  • please, please, please.

    Leeds next!
    Neil Walker21.01.2011

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