Bitch it up Baby

Above is the video blog of the Three Floyd's BrewDog BrewDay!

Nick Floyd, Barnaby and Chris from Three Floyds (  brewed a crazy little beer with BrewDog's punk brewers.


The Brewing Dream Team getting ready to rock!


Stewart, Chris, Nick and Barnaby


The 1500 kilo mash!


The special ingredients. Scottish toffee and shortbread.

Some of the beer will be bottled, we will also be putting a new twist on barrel ageing with some. We went to pick out cask at a huge cooperage yesterday.



The beer will be called Bitch Please. Wolf it up.

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Johnny Brooke - Beer Review dude 22.09.2010 @ 4:49am
I must have.
Don Robertson 20.09.2010 @ 6:26pm
Now youre just teasing us... When can we expect this to hit the shops?