It’s been little over a month since we announced the news that we selected Brisbane to be the home of our Australian brewery. The response has been overwhelming and proves that Brisbane is the right location for us set up shop.

It’s been a hectic few weeks since the announcement so we thought it was about time we give you a bit of an update and also let you in on some epic news.

In association with the announcement, we hosted an awesome event at one of our favourite local bars Brewski, inviting people to toast our new home in Brissie with us. A ton of people showed up and had the chance to chat to our BrewDog Australia team and enjoy some exclusive brews brought over from Scotland for the occasion.

Since then we’ve been working hard on pulling together all the reports needed for our brewery development application so that we can start construction as soon as possible. The DA has now been sent off for council approval, and as soon as we have the green light we will get our shovels out and start digging into our new site in Murarrie.

Today, we also have some exciting news. We are officially looking for a Head of Production to oversee our entire brewing operation here in Australia.

We’re on the hunt for an industry leading Head of Production who wants to help us create world class BrewDog beers at out new flagship facility in Brisbane. We’re looking for someone who shares in our values for quality and consistency and can ensure that it’s impossible to distinguish our Headliner and Amplified range brewed in Brisbane from those brewed ten thousand miles away at our Ellon HQ. We also need someone who is keen to experiment with local ingredients and create exceptional new small batch brews.

At BrewDog, the two things we care most about are our beer and our people. We want to find a leader whose incredible passion for beer is inspiring and who never stops in their pursuit to brew great craft beer. But most importantly they understand the importance of the people on their team, and that the team's achievements is the best reflection of their success.

Is this the perfect description of you, or someone you know? Then head to to apply now. We’re looking for a fourth person join our BrewDog Australia team as soon as possible.

So what else is coming up for BrewDog Australia? We’ve got some pretty exciting projects in the making including events and collaborations, as well as new BrewDog beers making their way to Australia for the very first time. We’ll be sharing updates regularly on our Facebook and Instagram accounts, as well as through our newsletter.

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Love Hops & Live the Dream!

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