FAKE Lager Launch & The National Crap Beer Amnesty

Less generic beer would make the world a better place. To mark the launch of our brand new beer, FAKE Lager, we are holding the first ever nationwide crap beer amnesty.

You all thought FAKE Lager was just an April Fool’s joke: http://www.brewdog.com/blog-article/brewdog-launch-fake-lager  Well haha, we were only partly joking……..

BrewDog Launch FAKE Lager

*Bowman, Wallace and Graeme are not actually mad. That was part of the joke. And they are very good at acting. Although we do all hate Nickelback.

For years we’ve been suffering that maddening delusion that a man can find something real in this world. Where’s it at these days? Where indeed. Fake Art, fake brands, fake breasts, and fake lager. There is nothing so mind numbing as ordering a drink and coming face to face with the certainty that it is a complete and utter fraud. A charlatan, faux, not real.

The ugly fallout from the Lager Dream. Time to wake up and smell the hops, to rip up the rule book and stick a jackhammer in convention. We don’t do second rate, almost or maybe. It’s the real deal or nothing. Via con dios fake lagers.

Hello Fake Lager – a 21st century faux masterpiece.


FAKE Lager is our attempt to reclaim one of the world’s great beer styles – the Bohemian Pilsner.

The style originated in the Czech town of Plzeň, Bohemia (hence Bohemian Pilsner) in 1842. Full flavour, all malt with the refreshing zing of noble hops. An enlightenment classic, it was revered the world over.

In the post war era, monolithic corporate brewers drove the flavour and soul from this beer as they dumbed it down beyond recognition. Rice, corn and other substitutes were combined with huge corner cutting in the brewing process.  

This bastardisation of a classic style now accounts for a staggering majority of total beer sales globally.  Bland, artificial, fake. Good men, blissful in their ignorance, soak it up like vermin.


We want to restore the style to it’s former glory. Forget watery fizz. Forget translucent yellow. Forget transparent bottles. Forget added ingredients. Forget preservatives.

FAKE Lager is everything a real lager should be. A craft brewed 100% malt beer with plenty of noble hops to play off the firm malt base. We make our lager the way we make our beer. The same crafted excellence. The same anarchic attitude. The same four ingredients (and when we say four, we damn well mean it).


To mark the launch and as a signal of intent we are holding a national crap beer amnesty this Saturday between noon and 5pm in all BrewDog bars. Simply hand over a can, bottle or even keg of lowest common denominator beer and we will give you a free half pint of FAKE lager in return.

Say goodbye to fake lagers and hello to FAKE Lager.

We will then dispose of all the generic beers with some Chinese fireworks we bought online. We will film this and put it on the website for your viewing pleasure.

*note the beer amnesty is limited to one beer per person.

*also note, please don't buy crap beer for the amnesty. Steal a bad beer from a friend, a flatmate, a neighbour or maybe Darth Vader. Maybe take your generic beer drinking friends (we all have them) along as an introduction to craft beer and an actual proper lager.


*also note, we will not be advertising here. Or anywhere else.  

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sold 04.04.2013 @ 7:00pm
see u guys on Saturday :D
Gareth 03.04.2013 @ 2:18pm
Bohemian pilsner wins the prize. Which nobel hops did you use?Looking forward to this.
Matthew C 02.04.2013 @ 5:38pm
This sounds class, it needs saying often: lager isn't crap, most of it is just craply made. How long till it's available online?
Fanboy Puppy Lover 02.04.2013 @ 4:11pm
Sounds promising - need a good lager, if only for the bars - what does FAKE stand for? Noble hops - I admit I had to google it - you learn something new everyday!
J.bax 02.04.2013 @ 4:08pm
I have a crap beer lying around which I used in my winning photo competition picture. I knew it would come in use one day! I couldn't bring myself to drink it and felt too ashamed to give it away.
Christopher D 02.04.2013 @ 12:27pm
and on that note, are you canning it?
Lupuloony 02.04.2013 @ 12:13pm
Yeah, I was wondering where 77 stood in all of this.
AleBeHonest 02.04.2013 @ 11:01am
Is this replacing 77? Even that wasn't enough to take me back on the lager path, but with summer coming, I'm willing to give this one a go.