When masterminding craft beers that are going to change the face of the beer industry, you need a centre of operations to match.

Thankfully, we've found our brewery - AKA BrewDog's parlour of chaos - to be up to the task and our Aberdeenshire HQ is quickly becoming the epicentre of a new wave in craft brewing in the UK.

Or, in layman's terms, it's where the "magic"* happens.

Our new, state of the art BrewDog eco-brewery was built in 2012 and sits amidst the harsh and rugged landscape of North East Scotland.  It is also the world’s first ever crowd funded brewery and the project is only a reality because of all the Equity Punks who invested in our company.


We do everything on site, from taking in the best raw materials and to shipping the packaged craft beer.

All of our equipment is cutting edge in the craft beer world: from a revolutionary centrifuge so that we can completely avoid filtration, to a patented ‘Hop Cannon’ we developed with the manufacturer - everything at the new brewery is focussed on making completely awesome beers. And that is pretty much all we care about.

*Please note that the use of the word "magic" can denote anything from the employment of penguins to plotting the downfall of Western civilisation.

Ellon Brewery

Ellon Brewery Interior

Ellon Brewery Graffiti

Ellon Brewery Equipment