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Last year was quite a year here on Planet BrewDog. We had an absolute blast brewing, packaging and getting to you as much amazing beer as possible. As we begin work on conquering 2019 and set the focus on the next few months, it’s time to take a quick look back and run the rule over just a few of the highlights from last year. And as ever, we do this through the medium of Twitter!

10 – One Month, Six Bars

Last year was an incredible one for our amazing Bars Team. They worked all hours finding and opening new sites for you all, peaking in the madness of late November when within a month we opened SIX bars. Brixton, Union Square, Budapest, Perth, Tampere and our first ever airport bar at Edinburgh all took flight!

9 – Beers Beers Beers

2018 saw yet more new brews added to our line-up including the hugely popular Clockwork Tangerine, our brand new pilsner Lost Lager, Cybernaut, Quench Quake, Raspberry Blitz and more. Plus we released our epic Fanzine subscription service and recently our first ever beer for dogs Subwoofer IPA!

8 – Cask is Back

We never fell out of love with cask beer. And at the end of last year, we brought it back. For our new network of Draft House UK bars we brewed a special batch of cask Dead Pony Club. And it went down so well that we are continuing, with other beers on the flipchart to add to cask in future. (If you live near a Draft House, check back very soon for more exciting news, too…)

7 – Punk State

This summer we decided to take the revolution on the road and bring craft beer to the people. With Punk State we wanted a place where bad beer is banished but everyone is welcome. Thousands of you crossed our frontier and enjoyed a Punk IPA on us, before re-joining society with a new outlook on what beer could – and should – be about.

6 – #MakeEarthGreatAgain

Back in the spring we decided to ditch plastic in our packaging and make the switch to fully recycled and recyclable card for our multipack holders. No more rings, no more grips, nothing to dispose of. Just a four-pack of amazing beer, a quartet of 100% recyclable aluminium cans and this brand new (and rather kick-ass) cardboard container.

5 – Come Fly With US

Our Equity Punks are the heart and soul of BrewDog, so we like to go the extra mile for them. Last year we announced we are going much further. The debut BrewDog Airlines flight is set to whisk our shareholders from London to Columbus Ohio on the world’s first craft beer airline – which will be every bit as amazing as it sounds. Equity Punks – score your tickets here!

4 – Your Call.

Industrial beer is our nemesis, and the fact that it outsells all the hard work of craft breweries many times over is a travesty. Back in August we redressed the balance by focusing on the numbers. The online global community at RateBeer know their shit when it comes to beer – they also know that numbers never lie. Good people drink good beer indeed.

3 – Festival Days

Our #PunkAGM2018 was the best to date, with thousands of Equity Punks and their +1’s enjoying incredible beer and epic music – and six months later we did something we have long wanted to do and hosted a craft beer and music festival in London. #MetroMayhem went down a storm and we can’t wait to do it all again. Also, our 2019 AGM tickets went on sale and went within ten hours!

2 – Equity for Punks V

Back in October we pulled down the shutters on the fifth round of Equity for Punks. At its closure it topped out at over £26.2 million raised from more than 50,000 investors. Every penny of the money raised will be put back into growing our business for all Equity Punks, new and old. EFPV was amazing – and it also set a new world record for Equity Crowdfunding in the process!

1 – The BrewDog Blueprint

The biggest thing we did in 2018 however wasn’t an event or a beer – but a document. A manifesto for how we are going to continue to get great beer into the hands of more people than ever in the months and years ahead. The BrewDog Blueprint is about that beer, our focus on quality and our people, and is our mission for 2019 laid down in black and white (and colour). You can read it here

We had a great twelve months letting everyone know on social media what we were up to – and thanks to every single one of you for getting in touch with us and letting us know how we were doing. We hope you have another amazing year of beer and continue to visit our bars and get in touch with us! Well, most of you at least

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Bob Marley 08.01.2019 @ 5:24pm
I love Dead Pony
Patrick Mulligan 02.01.2019 @ 4:36pm
Loved dead pony club on cask can't wait to try the next one!!!
Sandy 02.01.2019 @ 4:34pm
It was a great year guys, keep up the good work