When the network cancels your show, start your own network

The BrewDog Network launched a month ago bringing over 100 hours of curated content to the people – shows on food, travel and (of course) craft beer. One show we are particularly psyched about is the series that launched the idea of the entire network – when Brew Dogs was cancelled after three kick-ass seasons we resolved to go our own way so that we could bring James and Martin back to small screens everywhere in an even more awesome way.

And that is exactly what we did.

The BrewDog Show is here – and you can start your free trial to watch it today!

This is our network, so we can do what the hell we want – and top of the list was to create a new show with James and Martin: bigger, better, and as off-the-chain as ever. That’s The BrewDog Show in a nutshell. Our intrepid co-founders travel around the world to brew collaboration beers with the best craft brewers in the game, risking life and limb as they go about their quest.

You can sign up right now and watch episode one of the series, which sees James and Martin travel to our adopted US home of Columbus Ohio and round up a number of amazing brewers to create the ultimate Columbus collaboration. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to brew a beer containing poisonous nuts on an ice hockey rink, then wonder no more.

Episode 2 is coming very soon and sees the guys head to Atlanta to brew the most illegal beer ever with the mighty Scofflaw Brewing. What could go wrong? Additional episodes will see the guys heading to Los Angeles, the U.K., France and Scandinavia.

The sheer scale of Brew Dogs was fairly difficult to top, but with The BrewDog Show we have total freedom to rip up the airwaves in any way we see fit. So that is exactly what we are doing. In this way, it is the perfect metaphor for The BrewDog Network as a whole – a new video-on-demand service for the 21st Century.

Available anywhere in the world, the network is a pioneering a new model of beer-led subscription video on demand. You can access The BrewDog Network via the web and on a soon to be launched app on iOS and Android. Subscriptions cost $4.99 a month (or local currency equivalent) and you gain instant access to over 100 hours of beer, food and travel content. Including all episodes of The BrewDog Show. Crack open a beer, sit back and enjoy.

Start your free trial of The BrewDog Network today!

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David Ely 14.09.2018 @ 6:08pm
Please make it available on ROKU.