New Hardcore IPA released!

imperial india pale ale for punks....

New Hardcore IPA released!

This is the new 9.2% Hardcore IPA. An Imperial India Pale Ale which is an all out flavour onslaught very much lives up to the Hardcore name!  This beer was first unveiled and tasted last Friday at the Sink the Bismarck! event we held at The Rake in London.

We have been working super hard on our beers over the last couple of months, the new Hardcore is one of the results of this process. We have been relentlessly testing new yeasts in our higher alcohol beers and found a perfect strain which produces much less off flavours than our previous yeast above 8% and ensures we have a much smoother fermentation. In addition we have changed the way we carbonate our beers. No longer are our beers carbonated inline which led to low and inconsistent carbonation and the extra pump increased oxygen pick up. Our beers are now carbonated by carbonisation stones in tank prior to bottling which means we are now far more consistent in our carbonations levels.

The new Hardcore is much darker and more malty than its previous incarnation. The huge beer benefits from having a more robust, encapsulating malt backbone for the ensuing avalanche of high alpha American hops. This beer is absolutely loaded with awesome hops making the theoretical IBUs all out off the charts. Our first double dry hopped beer, Hardcore has an insane aroma which hits you as soon as you open the bottle. The avalanche of Centennial, Columbus and Simcoe provide an intense rush of flavours and mercilessly hammers the hop resins into your tongue as the bitterness punishes your pallet. Our new very light filtration regime means the mouth feel and body of this beer are incredibly full.  

The new 9.2% Hardcore also has different packaging with a petrol blue and white label.

This IPA is our tribute to the awesome Imperial IPAs of American craft brewers as we try to recreate a little bit of California is snowy, cold and dark North East Scotland. This is a beer we have worked really hard and are pretty excited about the results, you can try it for yourself here: 

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Comments (10)

Callum 01.03.2010 @ 7:05pm
I cant believe this is out of stock already! When is the second batch ready james?
martin 01.03.2010 @ 12:29pm
is this out of stock already?
Richard 26.02.2010 @ 11:08am
Really looking forward to trying this - the previous incarnation was good. Hopefully the new oomphier Hardcore (if thats a word) will be even better...

The BeerCast
Will 26.02.2010 @ 10:19am
mmmm looks good! I used to love the Dogfish Head 90min IPA but is hard to find stuff like that over here for a reasonable price.
alan 25.02.2010 @ 9:21pm
welcome back to an old friend - a fantastic drink and one of my favourites.
Robert @ EnSpirit 25.02.2010 @ 9:19pm
Jep - that sounds great! far more consistent in our carbonations levels... and everything else of experience and trying to create this new Hardcore will be phenomenal - I am curious about it.
I will hold the BrewDogs in high esteem!
Marcus 25.02.2010 @ 7:54pm
I agree, we need this in Sweden!
Dave 25.02.2010 @ 7:43pm
another vote for getting this stuff available in Sweden
Jonas 25.02.2010 @ 7:36pm
Can just agree with Jens! :D
Jens 25.02.2010 @ 6:37pm
Awwww. Seems wonderful. Would love to try it. Please make every effort to convince the Swedish Systembolaget to carry it. We need this one!