We’re looking for a hard working Junior Brewer to join our motley crew and get elbow deep in hops, malt & yeast as they assist in brewing our epic range of craft beers. 

As Junior Brewer at BrewDog, this is the first step on your career in beer at BrewDog, so be prepared to absorb as much information as possible (this will most likely be a steep learning curve!). While this is our entry level position, it is in many ways the most demanding position within brewing as there will be a lot of processes, systems and equipment with which you will need to become familiar.

In this position we’re looking for you to learn the basic principles of our processes and to continually improve by refining your knowledge and understanding of these processes, with particular focus on learning the standard operating procedures relevant to your position.

We’ll be looking for you to develop an understanding of how all our production departments – from brewing through to packaging, warehousing, maintenance and the lab – work together to ensure the quality of our beers is always testament to our mission to make other people as passionate about craft beer as we are.

This role is not for the faint hearted, this role will almost exclusively involve loads of cleaning, lifting heavy hoses around, dry hopping (pouring pallets of hops into a cannon, one bag at a time), emptying bags of malt by hand, lugging buckets of yeast around & other sweat-inducing work!



  • Maintaining overall hygiene standards; as a Junior Brewer you play a vital role in protecting our beer against contamination by committing microbial germicide. Ensuring the cleanliness of the brewery and relevant equipment is your top priority.
  • Executing given tasks in a consistent, safe and efficient manner, according to our established standards and SOPs.
  • Maintaining accurate and meticulous records.
  • Assisting in overseeing all aspects of process brewing, from fermentation to maturation and filtration, documenting relevant data and ensuring this information is concisely and clearly collected for analysis.
  • Contributing in shift hand over, passing over all necessary information to the next brewers on shift to ensure a smooth transition between shifts.
  • Ensuring clear channels of communication with senior staff to guarantee the quality and consistency of our beers.
  • Being a team player that works collaboratively, is flexible, happily shares and supports those around them.
  • Being a self-starter who takes ownership of your own learning and development and accountability for your own responsibilities. While team leads will be tracking your training progression it is important that you play a proactive role in your own development, reviewing your own progress and starting to set your own objectives. If someone asks you to do a task you haven’t been trained to execute on your own, ask for guidance and let them know you still require training in that area.
  • Always striving to learn something new, including actively seeking to understand the brewing process both at BrewDog and other breweries. Take time to understand how all production departments at BrewDog work together to make, package and ship our beers.
  • Engage in personal development opportunities both within and out with the company. Brewers of all levels are expected to pursue professional brewing qualifications if not already attained. To be a skilled brewer requires both practical and theoretical knowledge.
  • Your ultimate goal is to gain an intimate understanding of the part of our process you are responsible. You need to know the why as well as the how. This takes time and engagement in the details. Use slower periods to learn your process.



  • Secondary education in a scientific or technical discipline would be an advantage.
  • Brewing qualifications & experience would be highly advantageous.
  • Knowledge of brewing process is essential.
  • You must love craft beer with every fibre of your being!!


Columbus, Ohio

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