All Made Equal

ALC.VOL 6.3%

The worlds of urban and country cider collide with the limited edition release of All Made Equal, the result of the latest collaboration with cider legend Tom Oliver.

Taking the influence of the West Country and crafted in their London cidery, All Made Equal is a truly unique blend of styles, balancing the heavy tannins of Oliver’s traditional apple varieties with Hawkes' lighter and more acidic dessert styles.The deeper meaning behind the name represents the perceived unbalance of the UK cider industry, with craft cider makers struggling to move onto the next stage in their commercial development due to unfair parity of cider duty with industrial cider producers.

Classic country apples form the backbone of the cider, rich in structure and high in tannins. These are blended with London pressed varieties, adding a sharp and aromatic influence to create a cider with a fine and delicate mouthfeel, leading to a dry finish.

Ingredients: water, apples, sulphites (keeps product fresh), yeast.

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