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Hey, we're BrewDog

We've been around for over a decade, but our journey here in Australia is just beginning.


Cast your mind back to when Kevin 07 was in office and Australia was recovering from the loss of Steve Irwin.

Well two Scotsman were on the verge of something revolunary and relatively unknown back then. Craft beer. They got into some serious debt and started brewing hardcode craft beer, bottling by hand and selling at local markets.

Fast forward a decade or so, and BrewDog has made it across the UK, US, EU and down under. A brewery and taproom overlooking Brisbane's brown snake.




Our crew is small, but we're fiercely passionate about beer (duh), what we do, and our company values.

We know what you're thinking - sure, that's what everyone says - but we freakin mean it! The team humanises our brand and we wouldn't be where we are without eachother.




Simple. To make people as passionate about craft beer as us and to brew beer for a better planet.

We're the first carbon negative brewery (in the world). We plant trees for every beer sold, donate our malt to local farmers and tap into solar power to help us operate. We have a long way to go, but we're taking steps now for a brighter future and climate.




1 Fill your box with your favourite brews.

Our largest delivery boxes have 24 slots, and can fit up to:

Can 48 x Cans
(330 or 440ml)
Bottle 24 x Bottles
(Any size)

2 Checkout for Free Delivery.

Fill at least 23 out of 24 slots and you'll get free delivery.

Once you've hit one full box, that's free delivery on your entire order!

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