The founding member of the extended BrewDog bar supergroup, our pioneering flagship was previously known as 'The Marischal'.

In 2010 we redecorated this dilapidated bar in the only way we knew - with a sledgehammer in one hand and a can of spray-paint in the other.

Nowadays its deconstructed interior isn't just home to some of the most knowledgeable craft beer bar staff this side of the Atlantic, but also a rotation of the freshest BrewDog favourites and curated guest beers from the likes of Mikkeller, Stone, Beavertown and Oskar Blues.

Come and see where it all started...


on tap now
LIVE Dead Pony Club 3.8%
Dead Pony Club 3.8%
King Pin Lager 4.7% (can only)
Jet Black Heart 4.7%
5AM Saint 5.0%
Punk IPA 5.4%
Nanny State 0.5%
Vagabond Pale Ale 4.5%
Prototype Born to Die (01.02.017)
Session IPA (wai-iti kazbeck) 4.5%
Mittelfug Lager 4.8%
Bi Brut 6.0%
IPL (el dor/mosiac) 6.2%
IPA (vic secret/wai-iti) 6.5%
DIPA V11 9%
Rum B.A Imperial Stout 11.4%
Christmas Cake Imperial Stout 12.0%

Brewdog Aberdeen

17 Gallowgate, Aberdeen, AB25 1EB


t: 01224 631223

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Sun - 12.30pm to 12am

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