Our brewers would never forgive us if we hadn’t paid homage to the ancestral home of heavy metal.

The craft beer revolution has taken us to many places, and we’re proud to have thundered open the doors of BrewDog Birmingham in 2012. Hooking up the drinkers of the West Midlands to a steady stream of Grade A quality craft beer is the very reason those doors are unbolted each day.

Reigning over this great city's former industrial heartland like a temple of nonconformity, BrewDog Birmingham is a master of reality with exposed metal girders and hundreds of rare, unique and downright awesome craft beers from around the world.

Come on in and turn it up to 11.

on tap now
Punk IPA 5.4%
Kingpin Lager 4.7%
Dead Pony Club 3.8%
Doodlebug 2.8%
Proto Helles 4.9%
Jack Hammer 7.2%
5AM Saint 5%
Vagabond 4.5%
Blitz Bramble 3.2%
Ace of Chinook 4.5%
Jet Black Heart 4.7%

Crafty Devil - Hellraiser 5.8%
Crafty Devil - Shakermaker 5.8%
Crafty Devil - Death or Glory 8%
Crafty Devil - One Hop Wonder 5%
Crafty Devil - You Love Us 6.5%
Crafty Devil - Red Menace 4.5%
De Dochter - Extase 8.5%
Beavertown - Gamma Ray 5.4%
Salopian - Automaton 7.0%

Brewdog Birmingham

81-87 John Bright Street, Birmingham, B1 1BL

e: birminghambar@brewdog.com

t: 01216 161 339

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Opening Hours

Sun - Thurs 11am - 12am
Fri - Sat 11am - 1am

We are a living wage employer