The craft beer scene in south Wales is booming, and our Cardiff bar sits proudly front and centre.

Opened in 2014, our Welsh outpost serves the freshest craft beer from an eye-watering thirty taps. Situated just over the road from the national stadium, BrewDog Cardiff is a perfect location for locals and visitors to the capital alike.

With a twist on our aesthetic, the bar creates an inimitable setting in which to relax, indulge and explore the wonderful, welcoming world of craft beer. Hang out with friends, hunker down with a few halves or grab a board game and make a night of it.


on tap now
Nanny State 0.5%
Dead Pony Club 3.8%
Dead Pony Club Live 3.8%
Vagabond Pale Ale 4.5%
Small Batch Kellerbier 4.5%
Jet Black Heart 4.7%
Loral Lager 4.7%
Zeitgeist 4.7%
5AM Saint 5.0%
Punk IPA 5.4%
Elvis Juice 6.5%
Self Assembly Pope 7.4%
Small Batch Double IPA 8.9%
Born to Die Prototype (01.02.17.) 9.8%
Small Batch Tripel 12.5%

Framboise - Lindemans 2.5%
Juicebox - Fourpure 5.9%
Cali-Belgqiue - Stone Berlin 6.9%
Gourd Standard - Flying Dog 6.7%
Americano Stout - Stone 8.7%
Free Bird - Crafty Devil 5.5%

Sandford Devon Red 4.5%
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Brewdog Cardiff

31 Westgate Street, Cardiff, CF10 1EH


t: 02920 231 684

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Sun - Thur 12pm to 12am
Fri - Sat 12pm to 1am

We are a living wage employer