Glasgow DogHouse Merchant City


DogHouse Merchant City is a food-focused venue that celebrates beer at every turn. It majors in insanely good old-time barbecue food and smoked meat, an idea that many people have attempted but few have really nailed. Alongside the dining options DogHouse Merchant City has a fully-stocked BrewDog bar with 25 taps of the freshest craft beer from BrewDog and curated guest breweries. Once poured, you can enjoy these beers inside; or outside in the comfort of a bespoke outdoor seating area. And don't forget an awesome BottleDog for all your takeaway needs!

in the kitchen
Monday   11:00 AM   -   12:00 AM
Tuesday   11:00 AM   -   12:00 AM
Wednesday   11:00 AM   -   12:00 AM
Thursday   11:00 AM   -   12:00 AM
Friday   11:00 AM   -   12:00 AM
Saturday   10:00 AM   -   12:00 AM
Sunday   10:00 AM   -   12:00 AM