Every brewery deserves a tap room, and DogTap serves up the freshest BrewDog beer you can possibly imagine – made only metres away!

With ten taps, our onsite bar opened in 2014, and sits in the shadow of our giant external fermenters, separated from the brewkit by a single glass door. What better way to enjoy BrewDog beer than in the place it was created; where you can smell the hops emanating from your glass and the brewery at the same time?

There’s more, though. Nestling inside DogTap, like a Russian doll, is a BottleDog – so you can also grab bottled and canned brews to take away, as well as the latest BrewDog merchandise.

DogTap is located at the BrewDog Brewery in Ellon. Number 67 & 68 buses run regularly from Aberdeen city centre to Ellon Park & Ride which is a short, thirst-inducing, walk away.

The Dog Walk

Our Ellon site has grown significantly over the past year so we decided it was time to let you see EVERYTHING!

The DogWalk not only takes in the original brewhouse from our previous tour but now includes our epic new expanded site 3 brewhouse, Lone Wolf distillery, the mind blowingly spacious warehouse, awesome packaging lines and even a cheeky little venture through the HQ offices. All things that have been mysterious to the general public and rarely seen.....until NOW!

Tours should only be available as follows:

Monday - Friday at 4pm and 6pm.

Saturday & Sunday at 12 pm, 2 pm and 4 pm

Pricing for our brewery tours are £15 per person and last approx 90mins with 4 amazing interactive tastings along the way.

If you’d like to book a tour, please book 48hrs in advance using the big blue form on the right. Any general DogTap-related questions, please use the contact details below. If your question is ‘do you hold slumber parties?’ the answer, regrettably, is no…

DogTap & DogWalk Brewery Tour

Balmacassie Industrial Estate Ellon, Aberdeenshire, AB41 8BX

e: dogtap@brewdog.com

t: 01358 724 933 (ext 300)

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Opening Hours

Monday - Friday 12pm to 9pm
Saturday 12pm to 10pm
Sunday 12pm to 9pm

Beer Me!

Our DogTap team will confirm your booking once finalised.