Our initial foray into one of the North’s most fervent bastions for beer led us to an iconic old building, one enmeshed in the very fabric of the city.

We had to fight for the right to bring BrewDog Leeds to life in the White Cloth Hall, but we are honoured to have been able to inject life into this amazing space. We joined Leeds in 2013, as a part of the independent craft beer Meccas releasing Leeds from the shackles of the mainstream. 

A stone’s throw from the River Aire, BrewDog Leeds features a fusion of redbrick and metal, chalk art and concrete, and majors in fresh, amazing craft beer for the people of Leeds. You have to fight for what you believe in, after all…

on tap now
Doodlebug 2.8%
Dead Pony Club 3.8%
This. Is. Lager. 4.7%
Five AM Red Ale 5.0%
Punk IPA 5.4%
Hardcore IPA 9.2%
Cocoa Psycho 10.0%

Liverpool Craft Beer Co. - Love Lane Pale 4.5%
Liverpool Craft Beer Co. - Badlands 5%
Liverpool Craft Beer Co. - West Coast Pale 6.2%
Liverpool Craft Beer Co. - White Fox 6.3%

Brewdog Leeds

White Cloth Hall, Crown Street, Leeds LS2 7DA

e: leedsbar@brewdog.com

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Opening Hours

Mon - Sat 12pm to 12am
Sun 12pm to 11.30pm

We are a living wage employer