BrewDog Manchester and its epic team are at the vanguard of the revolution of well-made, flavourful craft beer in the city.

Overlooking Peter Street, the bar has an enormous glass frontage; a window onto a road with a chequered history of lowest common denominator drinking. But no longer. We are proud to have helped make Peter Street a destination for beer lovers once again, and to have played a role in the continuing emergence of Manchester’s vibrant beer and food scene.

With exposed beams, a partial mezzanine, and external seating area, our bar encapsulates all that is good about modern urban beer houses; great food, knowledgeable and patient staff, open mic nights, and the freshest most up-to-date beer from the UK and overseas!

on tap now
Baby Dogma 4.5%
Dead Pony Club 3.8%
5 AM Saint 5.0%
Arcade Nation 5.2%
Punk IPA 5.4%
This. Is. Lager. 4.7%
Jack Hammer 7.2%
Lizard Bride 5.7%
Prototype Hopped-Up Brown Ale 6.3%

Lindemans, Framboise 2.5%
Stone, Saison 6%
Evil Twin, Molotov Cocktail Simcoe 13%
Four Pure, Oaked Porter 7.0%
Cloudwater Hopfenweisse 6%
Beavertown, Holy Cowbell 5.6%
Beavertown, Gamma Ray 5.4%
Oskar Blues, Mamas Little Yella Pils 5.3%
Siren - Baby Wheel 7.1%

Brewdog Manchester

35 Peter St, Manchester M2 5BG


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Opening Hours

Mon - Sat 12pm to 1am
Sun 12pm to 12am

We are a living wage employer