The name of the game is simple; settle in, chill out and lose yourself in the multitudinous world of craft beer.

Opened in 2013, BrewDog Shepherd’s Bush is the place for those escapades, with a city-topping 40 taps of craft beer on offer. When added to our usual haul of bottled and canned goodness, this West London powerhouse is a pace-setter worthy of any capital; any voyage.

Alongside the ultimate urban beer selection, BrewDog Shepherd’s Bush also offers extensive menus of food and vintage arcade machines, for those who wish to exercise their appetites and thumbs alongside their quest to discover the best beers on the planet.

on tap now
Punk IPA 5.4%
Five A.M. Saint 5%
Dead Pony Club 3.8%
This. Is. Lager. 4.7%
Vagabond Pale Ale (GF) 4.5%
Hardcore IPA 9.2%
Adopt a Bastard 7.2%
B - side Black IPA 5.3%
Candy Kaiser 5.2%
Nanny State 0.5%
Jackhammer 7.2%
Prototype Black IPA 5.3%
Doodlebug 2.8%

Oskar Blues - G'Knight 8.7%
Siren - Dippy & the Equinox 8%
Lindemans - Kriek 3.5%
Siren - Mrs Brown 9.5%
Siren - All Bretts are Off 4.5%
Siren - Baby Wheel 6.5%
Siren - Jack Tarrt 4.5%
Siren - Funkier Feet 8%
Stone - Sorry Not Sorry IPA 9%
Beavertown - Gamma Ray 5.6%
Weihenstephan - Hefeweisse 5.4%
Mikkeller Drinkin' in the Sun 0.3%
Stone - Saison 6%
Beavertown Holly Cowbell 5.6%
Beavertown - Neck Oil 4.3%
Stone - Coffee Milk Stout 5%
Wild Beer Co. - Hibernating Lemons 6%
BBNO - 01|10 Saison Classic 6%
Founders - Curmudgeon 9.8%
Kernel - Black IPA 6.6%

Brewdog Shepherd's Bush

15-19 Goldhawk Road, London, W12 8QQ


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