London's Beating Heart has always merited a BrewDog bar, and we've provided the perfect answer in the perfect location.

The entertainment playground that is Soho hosts fifth hop temple in the capital, with a bar set over two floors (each featuring twenty craft beer taps). Minutes from Oxford Circus, Piccadilly and Leicester Square - but inhabiting a very different world - BrewDog Soho has amazing beer, a full kickass food menu, and a craft beer sexline in the basement. We're not even kidding...

Inside, each floor has a vibe in keeping with the atmosphere of the surrounding streets; from the energy of the ground level to the relaxed basement below, everything you want in a bar BrewDog Soho has it totally covered.


on tap now
LIVE Dead Pony Club 3.8%
Dead Pony Club 3.8%
Vagabond Pale Ale (GF) 4.5%
Jet Black Heart 4.7%
Five A.M. Saint 5.0%
Punk IPA (Kegged on 27.12.16) 5.4%
Nanny State 0.5%
Loral Lager 4.7%
Hardcore IPA 9.2%
Born To Die Prototype 01.02.17 9.8%
Scottish Export 5.4%
Twin Atlantic Pale Ale 5.0%

Lindemans - Framboise 2.5%
Pressure Drop - ENZ IPA 7.1%
Beavertown - Gamma Ray 5.4%
Siren - Ryesing Tides 7.4%
Siren - Pompelmocello 6.0%
TO ØL - Cloud 3 2.8%
TO ØL - Totem Pale 2.2%
Redchurch - Little One 3.5%
Food Menu

Brewdog Soho

21 Poland Street, Soho, W1F 8QG


t: 02072 878 029

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Opening Hours

Mon - Thu 12pm to 11.30pm
Fri - Sat 12pm to 12am
Sun - 12pm to 10.30pm

We are a living wage employer