Stirling was crying out for a craft beer destination - so we came to rescue!

This gateway to craft beer is set in the Gateway to the Highlands. We converted the old Drouthy Neebors bar on Baker Street into a 16-tap BrewDog hop-den, serving amazing offerings from ourselves, other UK breweries and guest beermakers from overseas!

BrewDog Stirling features a range of classic bar food, including our awesome pizza menu! A few minutes from the station and the castle, we found the perfect location for Stirling!


on tap now
Nanny State (0.5%)
Tropic Thunder (7.8%)
Dead Pony Club (3.8%)
Vagabond (4.5%)
Kingpin Lager (4.7%)
Jet Black Heart (4.7%)
Five AM Saint (5.0%)
Punk IPA (5.4%)
Vagabond Pale Ale (4.5%)
Jack Hammer (7.2%)
Born to Die 17.03.17 (9.5%)

Weihenstephaner - Pale Ale (6.4%)
Lindemans - Cassis (3.5%)
The Kernel - Biere de Saison (4.4%)
Mad Hatter - Toxteth IPA (6.5%)
Beavertown - Gamma Ray (5.4%)

Food Menu

Brewdog Stirling

7 Baker Street, Stirling, FK8 1BJ


t: 01786 440 043

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Opening Hours

Sun - Mon 12pm to 12am
Fri - Sat 12pm to 1am

We are a living wage employer