Sampa is a city like no other. A pulsating rough-and-tumble metropolis straining at the seams under the broiling South American sun.

Very few places fit the BrewDog ethos like São Paulo; we just had to be there. Launched in the initial weeks of 2014, our second international bar sits in a converted mechanic’s yard in the Pinheiros district, bringing fifteen taps of international craft beer to thirsty paulistanos.

BrewDog São Paulo also serves beer-infused hot dogs and sandwiches, to be enjoyed whilst you soak up the sheer vibrancy of this most stunning of megacities.

on tap now
Bamberg Pilsen 4.8%
Bamberg Weiss 4.8%
Bodebrown Perigosa Baby 3.4%
Camale Black Ipa 6%
Dadiva Bazooka 8.7%
Dogma Alpha Ryeno 6.2%
Dogma Panopticon Times 5.6%
Dum Petroleum Carvalho Francês 12%
Founders Dirty Bastard 8.5%
Founders Mosaic Promisse 5.5%
J.Beer Amber Ale 5.5%
Perro Libre Apa 5.4%
Perro Libre Neo Pils 4.5%
Revenge IPA 7.5%
Seasons Funhouse 6.6%
Tarantino IPA 6.5%
Tarantino Session IPA 4.5
Tupiniquim Dunkel Weiss 5.4%
Urbana Passarinho Peludo 5%
Weihesrephaner 5.4%
Seasons Funhouse com: Casca de laranja+Limão Siciliano+Semente de Coentro 6.6%

Brewdog São Paulo

Rua dos Coropés, 41, Pinheiros, São Paulo


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Opening Hours

Mon - Wed 6pm to 12am
Thurs 6pm to 1am
Fri 6pm to 2am
Sat 2pm to 2am
Sun 3pm to 11pm
Mon - Sat 12pm to 12am