Lost Lager

Lager is back

Lager. For decades it has been a lost cause. One of the world’s formative beer styles destroyed by the equivalent of battery farming. Ruined by mass production.

But no longer. Lost Lager is a new dry-hopped pilsner to redress the balance. And if you want to help us strike a blow for taste, authenticity and independence, then we invite you to a nationwide Bad Beer Amnesty.

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You can buy Lost Lager online now 12 and it will launch on draft across our network of UK BrewDog Bars today, Wednesday 12th September, from 12pm . From that time onwards anyone who brings with them a can or bottle of industrial lager can trade it for a pint of Lost Lager – and will also have the chance to win a case for themselves during their visit.

Beer styles change over time, but we believe they should change for the better. Lager has been given up for lost. Until today.



What is Lost lager?

As a dry-hopped pilsner, Lost Lager utilises whirlpool and dry-hopping with the new German variety Saphir yet it also deploys a legendary Bavarian powerhouse in its creation. From the land that gave lager to the world, Lost is fermented with the house strain of yeast from our friends at Weihenstephan.

It combines the light, crisp and clean lager profile provided by the yeast from Weihenstephan with the vibrant citrus and stone fruit aromas associated with Saphir. Lost is a clean pilsner with hints of spice and a zesty lime marmalade character.

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