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The BrewDog Distilling Co.


Our fearless team are constantly scouring the landscape for the new and expanding the parameters of the possible. We are relentless in our art; curious in our science. And the most demanding and rewarding medium for that resolve? Gin. The soulmate to Vodka, Gin takes our spirit pure of bloodline and leads it forward into a new direction.


Our gin was created following trials of 130 different combinations of botanicals.

It is an unrivalled tribute to dedication and research, arriving on the scene to take back what truly matters; the use of the finest ingredients in an honest and authentic manner. Take juniper; the backbone of any Gin. Our distillers ran trials of juniper berries from thirteen different origins before they made a decision on which they would use.

The BrewDog Distilling Co. exists to be a beacon shining into the reaches of the spirits industry, taking on the incumbents at every turn. Unrelenting craft in a world of compromise. Small batch. Hand crafted. Our Gin is front and centre – it is transparent and so are we.

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