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The BrewDog Distilling Co.


Our Vodka is purity personified. For this spirit that defines all others, we begin the same way each time. An equal blend of malted wheat and malted barley, direct from our Ellon brewery. The same baseline as our beer; it is what happens next that separates The BrewDog Distilling Co. Vodka from the pack.

The BrewDog Distilling Co.

The devil is in the detail. And so is the taste.

Our master distiller gets to the heart of the spirit thanks to the world’s only triple-bubble still and a 60 plate, 18 metre-high rectification column. So tall we had to cut a hole in the roof of our distillery. Height is not for show. Height means purity and potency. And, in turn, that means flavour. At 96.4% ABV this purest of pure Vodkas is tempered with de-ionised water to 40% ABV. Ready to be uncloaked.

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Our Vodka is filtered only once.

Because when you distil the right way, once is all you need. Those that boast of triple filtration are making Vodka quickly, sharply. Ours is crafted. And you can taste the difference. As part of a long serve or neat on the rocks, The BrewDog Distilling Co. Vodka is crisp, smooth and self-assured. Made from 100% grain, from start to finish under our roof. A roof with a hole in it.