Meet the Customers - BrewDog Edinburgh

Meet the Customers - BrewDog Edinburgh

What happened when we met our Edinburgh patrons...

Traditionally at BrewDog, we're not into the sappy massive PDAs (public displays of affection), vomcoms (that's our way of saying romcoms, see what we did there?) and, of course, the band Keane.

But all that aside, here it goes - Dear drinkers of BrewDog, you complete us.

There, we said it and what's more it's true. We'd be nothing without the people who drink our beers, dig our madness and support the craft beer revolution so much so that they now have the BrewDog logo etched onto their skin in all its inky glory.

The same could be said for the people who come and drink at our bars, including BrewDog Edinburgh...nestled in the Cowgate.

We hung out in BrewDog Edinburgh to find out a little more about the kind of people who drink at our bars. Here's what they had to say:

Name: Bill AKA 'Awesome shirt wearing regular'

Why BrewDog Edinburgh?: “I love the beer that's served here. The taste, the flavour , the difference from drinking bog standard ale. I'm like my shirts - I don't do mainstream.”

What are you drinking?:
“Today I'm drinking Mikkeller's Black Hole Red Wine edition which is a stout aged in red wine barrels. When I'm not drinking this I usually go for something from BrewDog's core range or any kind of stout. I love stouts.”

You're a regular, what keeps you coming back?: “Aside from the beer, I think it's how clued up the bar staff are on their beer. They don't just shrug and say 'Sorry, I've never tried that beer, I don't know.' They always have great recommendations which usually stems from what you usually drink and what your palette is used to.”


Names: Donna & Jonathan AKA 'The craft beer couple'

Why BrewDog Edinburgh?: “Today we're on a day out and fancied popping in for a drink. We're not from this area but take any chance we can to come down here. Although we're not local, we consider this to be our local.”

What are you drinking?: Donna – “I'm drinking White Noise IPA. It's the first time I've had it. I'm not into stronger, hoppier, super bitter beers so White Noise IPA is perfect for me. It's very smooth with a floral taste.” Jonathan – “I'm drinking Libertine Black Ale. I was sceptical about a black IPA but it's great. It's like an IPA with the roasted coffee hints of a porter or a stout.”

How else are you into craft beer?: “We do quite a bit of home brewing. We're on our third batch which is a wheat beer made with citra hops. Before that, we brewed a sweet stout with vanilla pods and an American pale ale with amarillo and simcoe - the latter of the two was loosely inspired by the big hoppy, tropical fruit flavours of Punk IPA.”


Names: Adam, Louise & David AKA 'Team Cosgrove'

Why BrewDog Edinburgh?:
Adam - “I come to BrewDog Edinburgh at least once a week and it all started when I got into craft beers. My flatmate and I would buy a couple of bottles of beer when we went shopping and that's when we came across BrewDog. I think BrewDog are accessible to young folk. The furthest you used to get to drinking ale was Belhaven Best and there was a stigma of being like an old man. BrewDog has made the stigma surrounding drinking ale disappear.”

If BrewDog could brew something for you what would it be?: “I'm guessing I would have to do something spectacular for that to happen but hopefully the boys are reading this in which case the beer would be called the ‘Adam Cosgrove’ and would be insanely strong, it could only be sold in a third!”

Name: John AKA 'The connoisseur'

Why BrewDog Edinburgh?: “I started coming along to the bar a couple of months after the opening, it was the beer that drew me! Most of the bars I drink in are real ale, quality beer bars. The BrewDog bar is up there in my top 5 bars in Edinburgh.”

What's your BrewDog 'desert island beer'?: “My favourite is definitely Hello My Name Is Ingrid. I've heard BrewDog are brewing a new one which will be really interesting to see how the two compare. The original used cloudberries so I'm looking forward to comparing the new blackberry taste.”


Names: Sash, Wendy & Smithy AKA 'The Equity for Punks...punks'

What are you drinking today?: “Today we're drinking Hardcore IPA, Kernel and Punk IPA. We've got shares in BrewDog so we travel through from Fife most Saturdays to 'drink ourselves rich' as James would say!”


Why do you drink craft beer?:
“It's important to be able to actually taste something. Mainstream beers are practically water with the hop flavour of beer added. Craft beer is challenging, loud and grabs your attention. When it comes to BrewDog, we like their patter. It's different and gets itself noticed, unlike the rest of the dross on the market.”

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william m 16.10.2012 @ 8:05pm
Wait till you see some of my other ones Neil !
Neilinblack 15.10.2012 @ 10:22pm
Nice shirt Bill !!
SashDog 15.10.2012 @ 6:11pm
Back at ya LouDog !
CrumbleDog 15.10.2012 @ 5:34pm
I miss Loudog!!
loudog 15.10.2012 @ 12:32am
I MISS SASH, WENDY AND SMITHY!! Big hugs from New Zealand you bunch of legends! Lou x