Brewing with Ballast Point

Brewing with Ballast Point

Date: 16th November 2011

Location: BrewDog HQ, North East Scotland

The Team: James, Stewart & Bruce (BrewDog) and Yusseff Cherney (Ballast Point)

The Beer: A San Diego Scotch Ale. OG 1090

The Hops: Challenger, First Gold, Amarillo

The Twist: This beer will be aged in whisky casks with raisins soaked in Ballast Point Rum


The Team just after mashing in


Picking the barrels to age the beer in.



James with Lucy and Jonny - 2 new recruits for BrewDog Camden. Oh and half of Bruce.


Letting Jonny do the hard-work!


The Rum soaked raisins.


Hanging at the epic Musa beer dinner.


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James H 22.11.2011 @ 8:02pm
Gun Dog?
Greg T 21.11.2011 @ 7:55pm
Wilson 21.11.2011 @ 6:19pm
The Grape and the GrainI Against ISee What the Lord Has Done
BenH 21.11.2011 @ 11:44am
Sting Rays N Rum Scotch Ale
tuffty22 21.11.2011 @ 8:29am
'Raisin the bar'
OleFattGuy 21.11.2011 @ 8:15am
Raisin d'Etre
john.rolph 20.11.2011 @ 10:47pm
GunDog or Pointer
UsrX 20.11.2011 @ 9:46pm
Evolution - Once we were grapes
OaklaneMike 20.11.2011 @ 9:19pm
You should call it: "Wine is for loosers, We got your grapes"...
Rob 20.11.2011 @ 8:15pm
Rum and raisins is called "boerejongens" in Holland.
david f 20.11.2011 @ 7:56pm
How about `PointDog`.......?
Dominic 20.11.2011 @ 4:19pm
how about: "i have my raisons"
John C 20.11.2011 @ 3:59pm
Black Pearl
Stephen T 20.11.2011 @ 3:45pm
Raisin' Hell
james payne 20.11.2011 @ 2:29pm
Raisin d'etre
Blinky 20.11.2011 @ 2:00pm
hows about "raisin the ballast"????
Michael S 20.11.2011 @ 1:49pm
You should call it 'Rais' Your Glass'
fairzo 19.11.2011 @ 8:53am
Victory at Sea Porter and Indra Kunindra in the online shop?
mark h 18.11.2011 @ 11:45am
James, is that your stunt double sitting behind Yusseff?
Rich 18.11.2011 @ 10:39am
I love Ballast Point
Adrian 17.11.2011 @ 9:40pm
Welcome to the team Lucy and Jonny!
SashDog 17.11.2011 @ 9:37pm
I wanna be a bigger part in this !Let me in !When and where is the A.G.M. ?Fucking brilliant stuff !
Mr T 17.11.2011 @ 8:38pm
The Beer Dinner rocked. The beer sounds awesome too. Got a name yet?