Putting Together a Brewery. Part 2

Putting Together a Brewery. Part 2

With the building now completed that will house our new brewery, we have been getting on with the serious task of starting to install the new equipment.

The installation of the Rolec Brewhouse is proceeding well and this week the new Krones bottling machine arrived. Here is a photo update of the current state of the project.


We are more excited than we look. Especially me. Wallace looks kinda excited.


Bottle it up pup!


The filling heads on our new Krones machine. 


Just because we rock, all the signs will be in German. Few of us speak German. This may be an issue.


Brewery equipment in an arc. Indiana Jones would approve.


Starting to put together the fermentation area.


Brewhouse walkway.




More valves.  


Why we need a good engineer.


View from the production office.


Inside the production team office.

We will keep you guys updated on the progress at the new BrewDog brewery over the next few weeks. We are still on track to start testing mid October.

We built a new brewery

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Gareth 04.09.2012 @ 9:57am
Crucially, are you still going to grow raspberries?
tettotananaka 03.09.2012 @ 3:23pm
New brewery is good. How can I do tours?
Mr T 03.09.2012 @ 8:39am
Ace images. Can't wait for the next update.Will you do tours?
Yvan 03.09.2012 @ 1:13am
Yeastie Boys != BrewDogThey brew Rex Attitude permanent, and exRRex as an impy version... BrewDog are far to sissy and conventional to do anything like Rex.Ho ho...
cstewart 02.09.2012 @ 8:38pm
@espen aye as close as magic rock and brewdog.....there is nothing new in the brewery world.......
notconcerned 02.09.2012 @ 7:01pm
Oh yeah we forgot..... Brewdog patented the home page and the bottle.
Espen 02.09.2012 @ 3:59pm
Rahlon: What he means is probably the fact that both the homepage and the botle design in a way looks related to BD. If it's enough to be a legal issue I'm not shure
Jason B 02.09.2012 @ 3:49pm
@concerned that drink is nothing like any BrewGog beers? The hop and malt combinations don't match any BrewDog beers as far as I can see.
Bex 01.09.2012 @ 10:11pm
That bottling machine is off the hook. looks super cool. word.
Adrian M 01.09.2012 @ 10:10pm
brewery looks great - looking forward to further updates
cstewart 01.09.2012 @ 9:20pm
hellboy 01.09.2012 @ 10:47am
Wow Yeastyboys give you all the information on there brews. Excellent for us homebrewers. .Brewdog take note.
Concerned 31.08.2012 @ 4:19pm
You guys might want to get your legal team to take a look at this lot....http://www.yeastieboys.co.nz/beers/digital-ipa/
Espen 31.08.2012 @ 3:35pm
Like it! But with your attitude: why does it have to look so industrialized? Why not paint the tanks, or put fake fur on them? make it look spectacular, or make it look as if it's a part of a (very large) livingroom!!
[email protected] 31.08.2012 @ 11:03am
Punks, I speak fluently German almost like a native. Even my surname is German though I am not German, but Slovak. Would I get o job at BrewDog?
Graeme Wall 31.08.2012 @ 10:55am
Looking good....will brewery tours be available?