The Revolution will be Televised

The Revolution will be Televised

Our new TV series aims to unearth surprising truths about the food and drink industry in Britain

Martin and I (James) will be fronting Channel 4’s primetime food show “Food Unwrapped” which starts on Monday 10th September at 8:30pm. It is an 8 part series. The premise of the show is to go behind the scenes of factories and food producers worldwide and get the full picture of what really goes into making some of the food products that we are all familiar with. As you guys know, food and drink is our passion, and our bars and business are a testament to those values. 

Food Unwrapped contacts supermarkets and producers with simple questions about the food we buy – What’s the wax on my lemons?; What are the bacteria in my Probiotics? or What is formed ham? If they can’t explain it, the gang of hungry detectives stop at nothing to find out, travelling to the food producers who supply the supermarkets to investigate  – from Liverpool to Swaziland, and Thailand to Spain.

Taking the cameras behind the doors of factories worldwide, the inquisitive food lovers meet food technicians, scientists, factory owners, growers and producers. On the journey to get their answers, they report back on some truly amazing places, and most importantly, reveal weird and wonderful facts we never knew about our food.

It’s all about looking at how we are sold something compared to how it’s made. 

We are currently also working on a purely beer TV show, BrewDogs, which will look something like this when it hopefully hits screens in 2013.

Food Unwrapped also involves James drinking 15 yoghurts and cooking home made sea food sticks with his top off and Martin speaking to people on the street about ham and strawberries. There may also be some good bits.

So buckle up, or whatever you do in front of a TV, and tune in on Monday at 8:30pm, Channel 4, or Channel 4+1 for those of you with really bad time-keeping. Or record it on your digital box. Or tape it (for those of you muppets still with VHS recorders). We're expecting more viewers that the opening ceremony. 

This time the revolution will be televised.

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Sligo Beer 07.09.2012 @ 1:08pm
Excellent !
[email protected] 06.09.2012 @ 11:11pm
Pilot looks fucking sweet, hoping it doesn't make brewdog the 'inthing' for city douchebags who don't actually care about beer. But then they probably wouldnt find too much in a brewdog bar if they didn't!
Ian Prise 06.09.2012 @ 3:52pm
Will Martin be wearing a dress again? He looks good in a dress!
Michael R 06.09.2012 @ 3:37pm
Can't wait for this.
Adrian M 06.09.2012 @ 2:28pm
The pilot for the beer show is just amazing.Look forward to that one coming too.
Mr T 06.09.2012 @ 2:27pm
Congrats on the new show guys.From start up craft brewers to TV starts in this short time is pretty cool.Fully deserved and sure you guys will have done a great job with the show.
Bex 06.09.2012 @ 2:26pm
wow - can't believe you guys got a TV show. Super cool.Well done and can't wait to watch it!