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Equity for Punks IV will soon be drawing to a close – but if you haven’t done so yet, there is still time to invest and take your place at the frontline of the craft beer revolution. With that in mind, today we are announcing a series of epic new ‘boosted benefits’ for those still considering buying shares in BrewDog!

These new benefits will be in addition to all the other existing perks of being a BrewDog shareholder, and will be available for investments in Equity for Punks IV over £5,000, £10,000, £20,000 and £50,000. These rewards are calculated on the total investment in Equity for Punks IV – so if you have already purchased shares you can top up your total to reach one of the levels.

There are three different types of reward – Beer, Spirits and Experiential. These amazing new benefits stack, so if you invest £20,000 you can choose a reward from each of the £5,000, £10,000 and £20,000 tiers (and from any of them, in any sequence).

So how exactly are we taking it up a notch?

Beer Benefits

Free Beer for Five Years £5,000 (106 shares or more)
You will receive a personalised growler with your name on, and an exclusive card giving you a free growler fill per month for five years, valid at any BrewDog bar in the world.

Free Beer for Life £10,000 (211 shares or more)
Your personalised growler will not only rock your name, it will come with an exclusive card enabling you to have that growler filled once a month for your entire life, at any BrewDog bar.

Your Own Sour Beer Cask £20,000 (422 shares or more)
You get to choose (and help us make) a base beer, select a barrel and fruit and the contents will be yours, once the sour beer is ready. We’ll bottle the contents and even help you design a label!

Be The Brewer £50,000 (1,053 shares or more)
We will give you the keys to the brewery. Literally. Over two days, you will design and brew a beer on our state of the art 100HL brewhouse, which we will serve in all of our bars and sell in our online shop. You’ll host a launch at the BrewDog bar of your choosing, and we’ll give you 30 cases. If your beer rocks, it may even make it to our permanent line-up.

Spirits Benefits

Lone Wolf Founders Club Tier 1 £5,000 (106 shares or more)
You’ll receive a limited-edition numbered case of the first vodka and the first gin our Lone Wolf distillery produces. Plus you will receive an exclusive case of single-cask Lone Wolf whisky.

Lone Wolf Founders Club Tier 2 £10,000 (211 shares or more)
We will ship a case of the very first bottling of Lone Wolf whisky to your door and a case of limited edition single cask whisky aged in an Equity Punk-only cask which will not be available to buy.

Lone Wolf Founders Club Tier 3 £20,000 (422 shares or more)
You will get a bespoke ¼ barrel cask of Lone Wolf whisky – deciding how long we age it for and when it should be bottled, plus you will design and distil your own unique gin and receive four cases.

Lone Wolf Founders Club Tier 4 £50,000 (1,053 shares or more)
You will get your very own full barrel cask of Lone Wolf whisky – deciding how long we age it for and when it will be bottled, plus you will design and distil your own unique gin and receive four cases.

Experiential Benefits

Dog Day £5,000 (106 shares or more)
After a beer lunch at MUSA you will have a behind the scenes tour (and tastings) at BrewDog led by James or Martin who will then host a beer dinner with amazing and rare beer pairings.

Your Name in Lights (or Steel) £10,000 (211 shares or more)
We will emboss your name on a steel plate on our whirlpool (the first tank people see on tours) or turn it into a neon on our Equity Punk Wall of Fame forever adorning our brewhouse.

Columbus VIP Pre-Launch Party £20,000 (422 shares or more)
We will fly you to Columbus for three nights, where James or Martin will give you a tour behind the scenes of our US facility, and host a beer dinner there, plus tour some amazing Columbus breweries.

Beer Truck Party £50,000 (1,053 shares or more)
Our BrewDog beer truck will roll up to your house with a fully stocked bar and a Certified Cicerone to run an event for you and your guests. You choose the beers we will serve you, and the first £1,000 of beer is on us.

We are hugely excited to be able to offer these next-level benefits. If you have any questions about these boosted benefits, or want to find out more about investing in Equity for Punks IV, email and she will get back to you!

This is a blog post not a prospectus. Visit to read the full prospectus. Investors should only subscribe on the basis of information contained in the prospectus. Investments can go down as well as up and you might not get back what you invest.

You can find out more about investing in BrewDog at

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BrewDog Rich 05.04.2016 @ 10:55am
Anonymous - Yes, that's correct! And you can select one from each without them having to match (i.e. you can choose 5k Beer, 10k Experiential and 20k Spirits, or any combination thereof)
anonymous 05.04.2016 @ 4:03am
Let me see if I understand. If I invest at say the £20,000 level, I get the perks of the 20K investor plus the 5K and 10 K levels?
Paul G 23.03.2016 @ 12:47pm
So you choose one of the three, yes?
BrewDog Rich 16.03.2016 @ 6:20pm
R Smith - Yes, that would be right! And there are 6x700ml bottles in a case, so with Lone Wolf Tier 1 you would receive 18 bottles in total
Geoffrey M 16.03.2016 @ 6:07pm
Some awesome benefits here. Before today there was no increase in perks beyond the £2k investment mark - now there are some really tempting benefits on offer.
BrewDog just keep on giving stuff back to their investors.
Great work BrewDog - I just love being able to feel part of your success.
R Smith 16.03.2016 @ 3:50pm
At the moment in IV I have 20 shares. I assume the ones I bought in I to III dont come into this.
So if I bought another 86 would that entitle me to Bottlebox plus one of the 5k offers from the choice of three. Also out of interest, in the spirit 5k option, how many bottles in a case?
Niall 16.03.2016 @ 12:23pm
Would love my own whisky that would be amazing!
BrewDog Rich 16.03.2016 @ 11:56am
Alebehonest - They are calculated from the total investment in Equity for Punks IV, so do not include previous rounds!
Alebehonest 16.03.2016 @ 11:52am
Is this just shares bought in EFP IV or total shareholding from all offers?
Andy.B 16.03.2016 @ 11:37am
Does anyone have a spare £49,500 that I can borrow?! It's for a good cause, I need to Be A Brewer!
Max 16.03.2016 @ 11:35am
My own sour keg! cuvee de Max
Nitin 16.03.2016 @ 11:12am
Guided tour of Columbus would be truly awesome