This weekend just gone we welcomed 7,000 Equity Punks to the AECC to celebrate our tenth birthday in the Aberdeenshire sunshine. We will detail the highlights later this week but without divulging too many spoilers the beers our shareholders enjoyed were front and centre all day long. And two of those beers that launched on Saturday at #PunkAGM2017 are now ready and waiting for anybody who couldn’t make it to Aberdeen at the weekend.

Born to Die and Dog F are in our online shop now.

Born to Die 13.05.2017

You can buy Born to Die 13.05.2017 here.

First up we have another chance to experience our fast-living, terminally-hoppy India Pale Ale, Born to Die. It has been resurrected to once again be immediately on the clock. Our assembled ranks of Equity Punks got the drop on our 8.5% Columbus, Amarillo, Simcoe, Mosaic and Citra-fuelled double IPA before anyone else at our AGM, and you can now start the stopwatch and join them. We brew Born to Die with a single intention in mind – to showcase the aromatic and flavourful power of the hop, and then get it into your hands as quickly as possible.

Savagely bitter and exceptionally dry, Born to Die celebrates the qualities of beer that vanish into the ether. Delicate hop oils bring bitter pithy citrus notes of grapefruit, bitter orange, yuzu, lime and lemon peel, alongside pine dust and pungent resinous notes, with subtle fresh grassy character. Each and every iteration proudly wears its best before date front and centre, and for this particular release we have switched things up and embossed that date on a brand new canned format. Yes – Born to Die is now in cans!

Dog F

You can buy Dog F here.

The other beer now live in our online shop is Dog F, one of the most special we have ever produced; a fitting milestone to mark our tenth anniversary. Like Dogs A-E before it we brewed a deeply redolent imperial stout with a series of speciality ingredients, and then barrel-aged it. But unlike its predecessors we have given the beer a monumental new dimension by ageing it in Cognac barrels (well, it is a celebration). It is the perfect beer to denote a Decade of Dog – ten years of BrewDog.

Dog F can trace its lineage back to one of the most popular beers in our backstory – Abstrakt AB:04. Cacao, coffee and chili give it resonance, and for this iteration we have switched out the naga for Habanero to give it a different element. It pulls you along with a force of dark chocolate richness, liqueur sweetness and chili heat whilst balancing on a knife-edge of bitterness from a cavalcade of Chinook hops from the Pacific Northwest. At 17.5% ABV this is a beer to drink Cognac-like, in your deepest armchair.

Both beers are live in our online shop right now, and pouring in our network of BrewDog bars. If you managed to sample them at #PunkAGM2017 or have tried them on draft in your local BrewDog bar since, let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Steve H 17.04.2017 @ 4:49pm
I still have a Dog A here yet, waiting on an occasion special enough to open it.
I couldn't get enough Born To Die at the AGM, probably the reason I missed The Stranglers.
But did try a good few others,Tropic Thunder and Mr President are two I remember.
And the Lone Wolf gin of course. Great day indeed.

Sash Vegas.
Derek Muir 12.04.2017 @ 4:38pm
Glad to see BTD is back to its 8.5% best. Look forward to trying some on Saturday at Clapham for an Easter treat!
Jamesy 12.04.2017 @ 2:33pm
these beers are epic and with dog f I have all the others bar dog a so I'm looking to do a vertical tasting although by the time I finish it may be a horizontal tasting
Paul 12.04.2017 @ 12:26pm
Born to Die in big bottles or cans? I think both is good really
WD99 12.04.2017 @ 11:20am
I had a go at Dog F at the agm and it was off the charts mighty. Unbelievable