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The Bastard has officially entered the building.

Arrogant Bastard Ale fans, rejoice. You’ve read it right, we are continuing our beer-fuelled exploits with Escondido’s Stone Brewing Co. This time, we’ve taken in what they have let loose into the world. Out on its own, after being heavily guarded for 17 years, The Arrogant Bastard has set its sights on those only worthy enough to take The Bastard on. BrewDog has adopted The Bastard from across the pond, to try our hand at concocting our very own, unashamedly superior and maddeningly tasty, one hell of a haughty 7.2% ABV Ale.

In June, Stone officially sent the bastard packing, never to return to their beery citadel. Well, their loss is our gain. Arrogant Bastard, we will introduce you to your Scottish roots (FACT: they say there are more Scottish people in America than in Scotland*) and release you to raise pandemonium across Great Britain.

The recipe, which until now has been kept under strict lock and key, only shared amongst the brew team at Stone, has been passed on to our brew team. When handed the highly coveted brew sheet, we were wished the best of luck paired with a hasty warning of the “liquid arrogance” we are about to bestow on the Great British public.

In 1997, Stone Brewing released an ale so sophisticated, it wreaked havoc on the monolithic, mass-market “beer” industry. Arrogant Bastard we stand by you, our mission is to make people passionate about great craft beer. We don’t mind your pompous attitude, we revel in it. We accept the bastard into our home.

Repute be damned, in a few months, Arrogant Bastard Ale will hail across all UK BrewDog Bars. Making its BrewDog debut alongside the irreverent pack leader Punk IPA and hell-raising Jack Hammer. This is arrogance at its absolute freshest, brewed by BrewDog’s finest at our Ellon HQ, served by our top crew mates to the worthy masses. While ABA rescues the UK’s taste buds from tasteless, boring beer, proceeds from sales will go to Foster Care 2 Success  - an incredible charitable organisation that guides kids down their own successful roads. And as Captain James would say, “Drink the Bastard, Save the Bastard”.

Watch this space for more updates on the journey of The Arrogant Bastard as we prepare the British public to for what is about to be unleashed.

(If you want to learn more about them, you can 'meet' Stone Brewing Co. here.)

*Is it a fact? We’re not sure but it sounds believable.

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Ian M 03.08.2015 @ 2:02pm
Arrogant Bitch?
Eirik 01.08.2015 @ 10:54pm
Why in the world would Stone give up their flagship ale? I mean getting it to Scotland gets it closer to me in Norway. I have great respect for both breweries. I just don't understand what Stone gets out of it.
Ohge 31.07.2015 @ 8:01pm
As a BrewDog supporter who lives in the U.S., will there be an opportunity for me to get my hands on your version of ABA? The Bastard is easily one of my favorite IPAs, and I would love the opportunity to try them side-by-side!
BrewDog Rich 29.07.2015 @ 2:27pm
NickF - Well, it's more a collaboration than anything - something that Stone are doing with other breweries too. Plus proceeds from sales are going to charity. That's pretty 'craft', isn't it? ;)

PeteH - Watch this space, if all goes well it should be several weeks away yet, but we'll probably mention when its out, nearer the time...
Pete H 29.07.2015 @ 2:15pm
What a bunch of Arrogant Brewdog Bastards !!!
I can't wait to try your version on draught.

Any idea when it will be available ??
NickF 29.07.2015 @ 9:27am
How does brewing someone else beer for them sit with the definition of craft beer Brewdog were putting around a while ago?
BrewDog Rich 28.07.2015 @ 4:15pm
JBax - The second one; just because the Bastard has left the building doesn't mean it's not still a Stone beer! However it will be draught only in our UK bars, so we won't be packaging it up. Well, we will, but only in kegs for you to drain...

Steve - Feel free to buy a bottle of Stone's ABA to try alongside!

Nitin - Hmm. There's a thought...
Jbax 28.07.2015 @ 2:40pm
Is this going to be released in Brewdog packaging or still as a Stone beer?
Neil A 28.07.2015 @ 12:41pm
Love both breweries - can't wait to taste it
Reynolds 28.07.2015 @ 12:14pm
I was worthy enough years ago. Still hasn't stopped me though ;)
Steve 28.07.2015 @ 11:56am
Woah. It will be interesting to see how this one differs from the original - even an exact copy is bound to have some slight difference due to the kit etc. Interesting stuff
Nitin 28.07.2015 @ 11:41am
Are they going to do a Punk IPA brew as an exchange? That would be pretty cool