At BrewDog, our mission is to make other people as passionate about great craft beer as we are. But we know our goal cannot be achieved unless the amazing world of craft beer is opened up to a more diverse audience. This is a big issue in our industry, and one we know we can’t address on our own. That is why we are joining forces with the pioneers at Crowns & Hops on an ultimate collaboration. These inspiring humans share our mission to break down walls and inspire others.

First revealed as part of our BrewDog Blueprint last year we are hooking up with LA-based Dope & Dank on a series of partnerships to shine a light on the lack of diversity in the current global craft beer culture. Beny Ashburn (The Dope) & Teo Hunter (The Dank) became the first partners for our BrewDog Development Fund 2.0 and we are psyched to assist their work changing the face of beer.

If you want to support their mission to give a new voice to craft beer, you can join their crowdfunding effort on Indiegogo here!

Crowns & Hops is Beny and Teo’s newly-announced brainchild – one dedicated to challenging ingrained stereotypes that people of colour don’t drink craft beer. When we first met them we were blown away by their tenacity and dedication to establishing a craft beer presence in places that are culturally rich. What they are planning is impossible to ignore and we can’t wait to play a part. As Teo says...

"This movement for inclusion in craft beer along with our goal of opening this brewery is not about tearing down what’s currently here, rather, it’s about building what’s missing. Crowns & Hops will be a craft beer brand and environment reflective of our culture and heritage coupled with incredible beer."

“It’s incredible to partner with the BrewDog Team...a group who simply get’s what we’re about. The BrewDog PUNK mentality is aligned with the spirit of our C&H CREW. Being radical and authentic speaks to the global evolution of this craft beer community.”

Here’s what we are working on together to open up our industry to more diverse audiences.

• Assisting Crowns & Hops with establishing their first ever BrewPub in Inglewood, California

• Brewing three signature beers at our eco-breweries in Ellon and Columbus, Ohio

• Helping Crowns & Hops launch global crowdfunding campaign which is LIVE NOW on Indiegogo. You can support Crowns & Hops in their mission and become a member of the Crowns & Hops OG Founder's Crew!

• Staging tasting events for Crowns & Hops’ signature beers, in the UK and USA

Those first signature beers are set to be an IPA, a pilsner and a stout and will launch early this summer. We’ll then help Crowns & Hops distribute them across the UK and Europe from our Ellon brewery and the US out of our brewhouse in Columbus. We will also have the beers for sale from our online shop – and our Equity Punks and Crowns & Hops Crew alike located on both sides of the Atlantic will have first chance to taste them, as ever.

Partnerships are at their best when all sides agree on the same outcome and will stop at nothing to ensure it comes to pass. The Crowns & Hops Brewery concept is incredible and Beny and Teo will change the world of beer forever. We can’t wait to get started working with them. You can keep up with their mission on their website or via InstagramTwitter and Facebook and check back on the blog soon for an update on how their vision is coming to pass.

"The time is now for cultural ownership! Responsible, authentic culture curated for the people by the people. We are thrilled to partner with BrewDog to help make this vision a reality." - Beny Ashburn


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