Last year was an amazing one for our bars team – they worked all hours to discover, renovate and open 34 different locations around the world. With a new year, the same determination is in place – our incredible team of people are set to get even more craft beer into your hands. And with the first new BrewDog Bar for 2019 set to open next week, let’s take a look at how 19 other sites are faring – as we run down some of the BrewDog Bars to be…

…If you are familiar with these locations, your beer drinking is about to get 100% more amazing.

New UK BrewDog Bars

- Carlisle – Our bar for the Border City is all ready to go – BrewDog Carlisle launches with 22 taps of craft beer at 12pm on Friday January 25th.

- Dalston – After several false starts we are finally going ahead with a bar for Dalston, located on Stoke Newington Road a short walk up from Dalston Junction. And it will open in March.

- Manchester Outpost – Oxford Road is a true hub for the city and we have a perfect site on University Green for our second UK Outpost BrewPub, which will arrive in April.

- Peterhead – The next bar to open in our home country is set for the town easternmost in the Scottish mainland – Peterhead. Work in Marischal Street is underway; open early March.

- Inverurie – Fifteen miles from our Ellon brewery is Inverurie, and the BrewDog Bar there will open up on Market Place in the centre of the town towards the end of March.

- Inverness – The people of the Highlands have long asked for a BrewDog Bar and this is the year they will get one. Currently in discussion, BrewDog Inverness will hopefully not be far away!

- St Andrews – Another part of Scotland we have yet to arrive in is the Kingdom of Fife – and BrewDog St Andrews is the way in which we can end that drought. Coming soon.

- Hop Hub Taproom – Our fully-chilled warehouse just north of Motherwell will soon have a small taproom and takeaway shop. Perfect for filling up on journeys along the M8.

- Cambridge – Like Inverness we are currently working on the legals for another bar people have long asked for – we are heading to Cambridge for a brand new BrewDog Bar.

New International BrewDog Bars

- Cincinnati – Our next US Bar is scheduled to arrive in the Queen City in mid-summer. We have had the design approved for our third bar for Ohio and are looking forward to getting started.

- Indianapolis – Following Cincy we are moving across State Lines to Indiana. Another summer opening, we are visiting the new site for BrewDog Indianapolis this week!

- Shanghai – We are very close to agreeing a location to open our first bar in the largest city in China. We’ll have more news soon but BrewDog Shanghai is going to be amazing.

- Kuala Lumpur – Another Asian city we have had our eye on for some time is the capital of Malaysia and within a few months we hope to be able to bring our craft beer to KL.

- Toronto – We have agreed a deal and signed the lease for BrewDog Toronto. Finally we are heading north of the 49th parallel and opening our first bar in Canada!

- Paris – There are few cities where we have wanted a bar for as long as the City of Light. A few days ago we picked up the keys to an epic site in Le Marais that will become BrewDog Paris.

- Paris Outpost – …and it’s not going to open up in isolation. Following our bar there we are planning what will be the second international Outpost BrewPub. And BrewDog Paris Part Deux!

- Hamburg – One of the coolest cities in Germany has several areas we love, but right at the top is the gritty St Pauli neighbourhood. And that is where we are heading this year.

- Helsingborg – Following hot on the heels of BrewDog Norrköping we are going to open up BrewDog Helsingborg very soon and give the thirsty Swedes their sixth fix of BrewDog.

- Brisbane – Our Australian brewery is coming on strong, with ground having been broken in the Queensland summer. Of course we’ll be opening a bar in the city to go with DogTap Australia.

- Dublin Outpost – Currently at the licence-hearing stage, we are confident that if all goes well we’ll have an Irish outpost in due course. And an Outpost it will be – a Dublin BrewPub!

This list is far from definitive however; more bars will join our network as the year progresses. So if your city doesn’t feature above, it may well feature in the remainder of 2019. In addition, something else we are set to continue doing is to update the looks of some of our existing bars – so stand by for a refurb at BrewDog Barcelona, Soho, Brussels and BD57 in Oslo very soon!

As ever, if you have a location you think we should arrive into or an aspect of our BrewDog Bars you’d like to add on, just let us know in the comments below!

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Louise Grant 05.02.2019 @ 9:39pm
I think Brewdog is the buisness!! You boys are doing it!! Delighted that you are opening up in Inverness, that's the best news I have heard all year haha x
Steve L 28.01.2019 @ 1:04pm
Awesome to see Cincinnati on the list. Can't wait
Jon B 27.01.2019 @ 6:00pm
Definitely Worcester. In need of a great bar like Brewdog and would fit in really well with the student population and as per a previous comment the Cathedral square development is the right place.
RGP 26.01.2019 @ 11:44pm

Crying out for a BrewDog
Geoff Baker 26.01.2019 @ 11:35pm
Any dates yet for the KL location? I think a bunch of folks (me included!) would also want to come up from Singapore for it.
Jack Osborne 24.01.2019 @ 2:01pm
Gloucester or Worcester please? Both have a cracking Rugby scene
anonymous 23.01.2019 @ 9:39pm
Belfast Belfast Belfast Belfast. Please.
jamie brittain 23.01.2019 @ 2:28pm
oh hurry up with cambridge, im so excited i think a little bit of wee escaped!
Stephen Ranford 22.01.2019 @ 9:01pm
There is a new development in Worcester, Catherdal Square, where a burger restaurant was going to take the last available premise but (as far as I know and and it’s been empty for 12 months) they aren’t now. Would make a sweet BrewDog bar: prime position, lots of footfall and Worcester has an already loyal and always growing craft beer fan base. One to check out for sure :)
Russ Barrack 22.01.2019 @ 5:24pm
I left Aberdeen 3yr ago now in Hamilton just south of Toronto so good for me. However look into Hamilton as well. ????
Have my cousin who works for you guys in Ellon. Great company.
Christian T. 21.01.2019 @ 9:54pm
If you come to Hamburg I have several ideas for the link to local brewing raw materials and the beer styles Hamburg love. All based on market data and my work
with local breweries. Cheers, Christian
Rahel 21.01.2019 @ 8:51pm
Zürich would be great!
IAIN 21.01.2019 @ 7:09pm
About time Inverness. Punk all the way.
stefan trondl 21.01.2019 @ 6:47pm
and obertauern, if you want the best skiing resort in Austria. would be a blast for sure
stefan trondl 21.01.2019 @ 6:44pm
hoppyblonde 21.01.2019 @ 4:54pm
Elphi 21.01.2019 @ 4:52pm
Amsterdam is screaming for a brewdog bar!!
jonathan m 21.01.2019 @ 3:07pm
And still none In Belfast, the only part of the U.K. that has no BrewDogs
Joost 21.01.2019 @ 1:57pm
anonymous 21.01.2019 @ 1:54pm
Munich! Lots of demand and barely a handful of bars, mostly serving only German craft.
Fredrik D Johnsen 21.01.2019 @ 12:19pm
Definitely Stavanger in Norway need a BrewDog bar in the city ;)
Calle 21.01.2019 @ 10:43am
You should consider Stavanger, Norway as your next bar-location!
Great city full of thirsty students!
Fab 21.01.2019 @ 5:23am
Bruce crooks 21.01.2019 @ 3:44am
Halifax Nova Scotia.
We were born from a promise of free beer for a year.
One of our most famous fugures is Alexander Keith, a Scottish brewmaster who put us on the map and became mayor of the city.
We celebrate his birthday every year by pouring beer on his grave
Gordon 21.01.2019 @ 12:17am
How about one in St Albans - the home of CAMRA, the oldest pub in Britain, and formerly the UK town with most pubs per square mile.
Jason 21.01.2019 @ 12:15am
Chelmsford / Brentwood
Lisa 21.01.2019 @ 12:13am
Thierry 20.01.2019 @ 11:55pm
Amsterdam needs one, or two
Marit Moss-Iversen 20.01.2019 @ 10:46pm
Stavanger, Norway ????
anonymous 20.01.2019 @ 10:31pm
BrewDog Hawaii please! Preferably before we go on honeymoon in May 2020 ????
Paul Biddulph 20.01.2019 @ 10:22pm
I know you’ve asked a few times about Shrewsbury but we shouldn’t have to travel all the way to Birmingham for a BD bar and with its amount of CAMRA bars and pubs would be perfect.....I also agree with Chester and Lincoln both perfect cities for one too.
Matthew Newsham 20.01.2019 @ 10:21pm
Lancaster please
Simon P 20.01.2019 @ 9:32pm
Belfast and/or Boston, MA both desperately need Brewdog!!
SL 20.01.2019 @ 9:25pm
Chester would definitely be the ideal place!
anonymous 20.01.2019 @ 9:22pm
Derby! We have real ale covered but there is only one craft bar in the city centre so defo room for a brewdog! For some reason all new opening seem to be cocktail or gin related
Fraser MacKenzie 20.01.2019 @ 9:20pm
Vienna. A beautiful city with a fantastic culture very much orientated towards beer and food pairing. Beers are traditionally drunk in small 1/5th litre servings called Pfiff’s and the cuisine ranges from snack foods like Bratwursts and Currywursts to Schnizels and Goulashes (apologies if I’ve got any of the spellings wrong).
Combined with the amazing architecture, culture and history of Vienna, I cannot think of a more perfect location for a Brewdog international expansion.
J Miles 20.01.2019 @ 8:50pm
Rochester, New York
Martin 20.01.2019 @ 8:30pm
Brewdog Copenhagen - sounds good in my ears
Tom 20.01.2019 @ 8:18pm
Worcester!! The city is up and coming and has a great beer scene. Perfect place free, opposite the cathedral has BrewDog written all over it!
Graham Salliss 20.01.2019 @ 8:17pm
Nicky De Westelinck 20.01.2019 @ 8:17pm
Antwerp (Belgium) for sure!!
Usista 20.01.2019 @ 8:10pm
Mark fensome 20.01.2019 @ 8:08pm
Plymouth please or at least westcountry
Craig M 20.01.2019 @ 7:47pm
San Francisco Bay Area location please. How about Walnut Creek California or Dublin California!
Bill T 20.01.2019 @ 7:45pm
still nae a bar in your hame toon ... The Broch!
James 20.01.2019 @ 7:43pm
St Albans
Vacant building on Chequor Street where Jamie's Italian used to be would work very well for you I reckon!
Rahel 20.01.2019 @ 7:37pm
Heidelberg /!
Peter Johnston 20.01.2019 @ 7:21pm
Come to the city of Chelmsford
Lee 20.01.2019 @ 7:13pm
Chester please!
Ruth Atkins 20.01.2019 @ 7:03pm
Peterborough would be amazing for a brewdog. Around the cathedral area as it is a hive of activity.... perfect for a much needed brewdog
George 20.01.2019 @ 6:59pm
Thessaloniki, Greece!
Heine Larsen 20.01.2019 @ 6:52pm
Copenhagen, please. Microbreweries are having a blast time with local Mikkeller and To Øl, but where’s BrewDog????
Stuart 20.01.2019 @ 6:45pm
Jesper 20.01.2019 @ 6:43pm
What about Denmark el the future??
Tony 20.01.2019 @ 6:38pm
Alan Whysall 20.01.2019 @ 6:07pm
Peterborough please
Kavan 20.01.2019 @ 5:58pm
Barnsley, a very good pub scene in the town centre. New and old developments which will be ideal.

Plenty of potential places for one.
anonymous 20.01.2019 @ 5:55pm
Plymouth please! ???? We desperately need the South West represented
Chris 20.01.2019 @ 5:46pm
Would be great to have one in Chester! :-D
Richard 20.01.2019 @ 5:42pm
Stafford is an ever growing town, and a BrewDog bar would be epic! Ideally near the new Odeon Luxe cinema :-)
Alan Davidson 20.01.2019 @ 5:36pm
Livingston Brewdog pleez.
Tobias Kunz 20.01.2019 @ 5:30pm
Munich would be amazing. A brewdog bar would perfectly fit in the "Neues Werksviertel".
John 20.01.2019 @ 5:23pm
Still no Warsaw :/
Richard Colin 20.01.2019 @ 5:19pm
Definitely Chester.... I know its been mentioned numerous times!
Josh 20.01.2019 @ 5:16pm
Swindon. Would fit in really well with the snow dome development
Euan 20.01.2019 @ 5:16pm
Dunfermline please!
Adam 20.01.2019 @ 5:16pm
Peterborough please, we need a great bar
Lacervezanyc 20.01.2019 @ 5:15pm
Simon F 20.01.2019 @ 5:11pm
+1 for Prague
Dale 20.01.2019 @ 5:06pm
Belfast needs ‘a hair of the dog’ venue!
anonymous 20.01.2019 @ 5:05pm
Nice huge empty shop on south street in Elgin just has your name on it)
Faye 20.01.2019 @ 5:05pm
Leamington Spa
Micci 20.01.2019 @ 5:04pm
Cheltenham for sure!
Helen 20.01.2019 @ 5:02pm
Bergen, Norway!! Pretty please!! :-D
Alex 20.01.2019 @ 5:02pm
What about a Brewdog in Swansea ??
Richie 20.01.2019 @ 4:33pm
I can't for the life of me understand ,why there's not one in fraserburgh ,where it all started????????
Sally 20.01.2019 @ 4:28pm
Ipswich puh-lease xx
McG 20.01.2019 @ 1:48pm
St Kilda, Melbourne would be a great addition. A perfect fit.
Sarah Roberts 20.01.2019 @ 12:08pm
Chester!!! And if you're needing people to run it... ????
Richard 20.01.2019 @ 9:56am
Will they sell cask, or just cold fizzy stuff?
Jon Hall 20.01.2019 @ 7:55am
Coventry is in desperate need of you!
Ben 20.01.2019 @ 2:02am
How about a bar in Croydon? We need more brewdog bars south of the river!!!
Dave Mackay 20.01.2019 @ 1:23am
Tampere in Finland ???????? is a good place you should come here
Daan sanders 19.01.2019 @ 6:14pm
Open a bar at antwerpen central station in Belgium. One of the most beautifull stations in the world with lots of empty spaces
JT 19.01.2019 @ 5:22pm
Still waiting for Northampton, haven for craft beer at the moment
Danielle 19.01.2019 @ 5:12pm
Sean OGrady 19.01.2019 @ 4:27pm
Belfast please !!
Becky 19.01.2019 @ 4:16pm
Derby. We have a great craft ale vibe. Get in touch with Marketing Derby and they’ll be able to advise on locations.
Forktravel 19.01.2019 @ 3:50pm
Central California - especially in the Clovis/Fresno area would be awesome. The beer scene is growing like crazy. The food is great too.
Ralf 19.01.2019 @ 3:05pm
Hmmm.... What about St.Gallen, Switzerland?
Why it’s not listed anymore?
Stuart Murray 19.01.2019 @ 2:48pm
INVERNESS!!!! Finally....this makes me a very happy man
Robin Graham 19.01.2019 @ 2:17pm
Bangkok, Thailand! A city with incredible nightlife and a thirst for good beer!
Gareth Butler 19.01.2019 @ 2:00pm
Are the bars company owned OR can anyone become a licensee?
Jonathan C 19.01.2019 @ 1:54pm
Basingstoke, Hampshire please! Lack of good beer in the town centre (lots of sports bars selling bad larger).
Chris W 19.01.2019 @ 1:32pm
Guildford please. Equally placed between London and Southampton, University town, brewing heritage locally crying out for a proper craft experience. Failing that Godalming would put it on my literal doorstep.
Greg Anderson 19.01.2019 @ 1:29pm
Chelmsford would be great, or Paphos or Larnaca in Cyprus ???? #send_more_beer
Rob 19.01.2019 @ 1:24pm
South Africa must be on the cards soon
Courtney Holder 19.01.2019 @ 1:15pm
Shrewsbury, Shropshire needs a Brew Dog ASAP. Nearest one to Shrewsbury is Birmingham.
Please make it happen
Alan Robertson 19.01.2019 @ 12:56pm
Lincoln. Said this many times before. I keep trying.
Job-Paul Samuels 19.01.2019 @ 12:53pm
Adam Allen 19.01.2019 @ 11:58am
Bournemouth, please!
Shaun Campbell 19.01.2019 @ 11:23am
You’ll be most welcome in Auckland or Wellington, New Zealand
Broch Dog 19.01.2019 @ 10:33am
Would love to see Brewdog back in its birthplace of Fraserburgh there are two ideal venues currently lying empty, Station or Royal hotels
Erik 19.01.2019 @ 10:25am
We desperately need a BrewDog Bar in Cologne.
Kölsch Beer is fine but far from the real deal!

Good locations are rear here, but we all keep our eyes and ears open for you!

Let me know when I can apply!
Bojan 19.01.2019 @ 9:36am
Can’t wait to se you in Belgrade!
Notlaw 19.01.2019 @ 9:16am
Preston or Lancaster please. We've got a good scene emerging in both, get yourselves in on it.
Boroglen 19.01.2019 @ 9:16am
Big student town and lots of upgrading going on in the town.
Robert 19.01.2019 @ 9:14am
Time for Amsterdam ?!
Julie 19.01.2019 @ 8:46am
Belfast but to be honest we have been saying Belfast on these lists for so many years we have given up on ever getting a Brewdog Bar here!!!!
Battlegarden 19.01.2019 @ 8:42am
So the St.Gallen Bar that was announced for early 2019 is now not really happening anymore?
John 19.01.2019 @ 8:08am
Belfast or anywhere in the North of Ireland PLEASE
Dave Gadie 19.01.2019 @ 8:04am
What happened to Hull?
Carl Brett 19.01.2019 @ 7:54am
Adam 19.01.2019 @ 7:30am
David Maitland 19.01.2019 @ 7:28am
Finsbury Park (N4) / Crouch End (N8) / WInchmore Hill (N21) - North London
Ben 19.01.2019 @ 7:21am
Darren 19.01.2019 @ 6:40am
Derby has to be on the agenda surely. A true ale town with do little craft beer offering.
Scott 19.01.2019 @ 3:26am
It's time for you to hit the West Coast. Come to Los Angeles!
Leo 19.01.2019 @ 2:04am
What about Southern California,United States
Stuart Irvine 19.01.2019 @ 12:27am
Surely if Dublin is on the cards then Belfast needs to be looked at too ????
Martyn carter 19.01.2019 @ 12:19am
What happened to amsterdam?
Danny Cross 18.01.2019 @ 11:52pm
Hi is there any plans to open a BD bar anywhere near Lancaster or Preston I live in Morecambe need one around here somewhere
Jules 18.01.2019 @ 11:00pm
Belfast needs a brew dog pub....please(with a cherry on top)
Luke Crant 18.01.2019 @ 10:42pm
Yasss! finally an Inverness joint!

Will give good competition to Black Isle Brewery bar, lower some of their ridiculous prices whilst im over in the Brewdog
Jay 18.01.2019 @ 10:41pm
Would be nice to see one in Plymouth
Yari 18.01.2019 @ 10:33pm
I am sure brewdog would do amazing in Austin TX!!
Ryan 18.01.2019 @ 10:31pm
Definitely need one in Swindon! Would be a hit for sure!
John Robertson 18.01.2019 @ 10:13pm
Long way from that wee bar next to Kelvin Hall, Glasgow. Tomorrow the Universe. Hell of a journey!
Jody 18.01.2019 @ 10:05pm
go44144 18.01.2019 @ 9:52pm
Istanbul; tourists are back and the locals love good beer too....
Dennis 18.01.2019 @ 9:47pm
When will you come to the Netherlands????
Jakub 18.01.2019 @ 9:45pm
Prague please!!!!
Charlie 18.01.2019 @ 9:30pm
Stuart 18.01.2019 @ 9:20pm
Exeter - come on, south west doesn’t have a single brewdog!
Scott Robbo 18.01.2019 @ 9:10pm
MUST MUST MUST open a bar in Doncaster...

Plenty of cracking ready made premises to convert into a Brewdog bar and makes absolute sense to continue the expansion in Yorkshire following Sheffield, Leeds and York...

TS 18.01.2019 @ 8:43pm
Leamington Spa would be perfect... Regents Court must have some space!
Kevin Walsh 18.01.2019 @ 8:38pm
Please open a bar up in Sunderland city centre.....
Rebekah Poole 18.01.2019 @ 8:35pm
Or Northern Ireland
Rebekah Poole 18.01.2019 @ 8:34pm
James 18.01.2019 @ 8:21pm
Still not Plymouth?
Barry Anderson 18.01.2019 @ 7:57pm
A bar in the west of fife would be brilliant. Preferably Kirkcaldy for obvious reasons????????
Andrew 18.01.2019 @ 7:56pm
Bournemouth please
Delboy 18.01.2019 @ 7:52pm
And Torino!
Delboy 18.01.2019 @ 7:52pm
Orlando please!
Derek Kinsella 18.01.2019 @ 7:34pm
I am amazed how Brewdog hasn’t set up shop in Ireland yet?
Lee 18.01.2019 @ 7:31pm
Get yourself into Grimsby lads. Plenty of places available.
Mirka 18.01.2019 @ 7:29pm
Vienna or Bratislava ????
Andy Holt 18.01.2019 @ 7:22pm
What happened to the Hull bar it's not on the list anymore
Mark 18.01.2019 @ 7:15pm
What about Chelmsford?
Ian 18.01.2019 @ 6:57pm
Bournemouth please! Or Poole at a push!!
Sharon 18.01.2019 @ 6:55pm
Lincoln please - it's an historical location with a big tourist trade (especially for the Christmas Market) and it a University city - what more do you need (and then I could walk to your bar! ).
anonymous 18.01.2019 @ 6:16pm
Leigh-on-Sea ????
TRS 18.01.2019 @ 6:12pm
drew 18.01.2019 @ 5:53pm
new york
Patrick G 18.01.2019 @ 5:44pm
Bern, Switzerland! Forget St. Gallen ????
Jahn 18.01.2019 @ 5:38pm
You should definitely look into your sister city, Stavanger? Sister city coz of the oil industry, we are on the top 5 richest cities in the world, but Stavanger and Aberdeen have alot more in common than oil and gas. We're about the same size, we're both on the coast, we're both above the national income average and we're both in the national beer ( and food) capital. Stavanger is the only logical palace for your concept, not Oslo. I've had my share of management positions in the hospitality segment and now i work as a freelance advisor for the common man who wants to start their own business. Chef by trade, worldwide experience at kitchen, hotel and restaurant management. You need Stavanger as much as Stavanger needs you. And, I'll be able to help with venues, business plans and models. Let me know
Bev 18.01.2019 @ 5:37pm
Bath would be amazing!
Mike McArthur 18.01.2019 @ 5:27pm
Keep emailing asking for a bar in aviemore, sent pics of poss location.

Delighted your coming to Inverness, it's only a short train journey away so looking forward to opening night, will be there

Nathan 18.01.2019 @ 5:18pm
Would be amazing if you opened a bar in Wrexham, North Wales!!
Micky 18.01.2019 @ 4:54pm
Belfast, please?!!!!
Ashleigh Dowdeswell 18.01.2019 @ 4:53pm
Swindon next please - town is crying out for a decent pub!!
Nico 18.01.2019 @ 4:49pm
Yep, been mentioned a few times already... CHESTER.
Michael Brennan 18.01.2019 @ 4:32pm
There are a couple of prime locations in Portsmouth for a brewdog bar - I have emailed a few times about them.
Jordan Aspin 18.01.2019 @ 4:30pm
Brewdog Barrow! The town is ripe for investment
Leo 18.01.2019 @ 4:29pm
What about the netherlands? Amsterdam ?
Claire 18.01.2019 @ 4:10pm
Ruth Morris 18.01.2019 @ 4:05pm
Come to Valencia!
KatieJimJam 18.01.2019 @ 4:01pm
For a Scot down South it would be great to have one in the South East - Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks maybe?
Paul 18.01.2019 @ 3:53pm
Let's get one in Chester now please, Liverpool is too far to go!
Marco 18.01.2019 @ 3:53pm
Finally Hamburg!
Alex 18.01.2019 @ 3:47pm
Chester please.
AJ 18.01.2019 @ 3:41pm
What about one - where it all began? In Fraserburgh. Surely there should be one in the birthplace of Brewdog.
Lincoln 18.01.2019 @ 3:40pm
How about reaching the garden of England and getting east Kent on the brewdog map, university town Canterbury and up and coming Margate
Connor 18.01.2019 @ 3:38pm
Taunton, Somerset!
BrewDog Rich 18.01.2019 @ 3:33pm
To everyone suggesting Preston - as it's my hometown I'll see what I can do ;)
Dale 18.01.2019 @ 3:27pm
Widnes - a steadily improving town with absolutely 0 craft ale pubs/bars and plenty of locations available.

PS, if you need a franchisee for this, im ready to go!
Michael 18.01.2019 @ 3:16pm
Disrupt the market in St. Louis, MO. Since 2008 the craft beer market has more than quadrupled. People love good beer!
Tom F 18.01.2019 @ 3:13pm
Preston! Like a few others who’ve commented I think Preston would be a great addition!
R. S. 18.01.2019 @ 3:12pm
Basel, Switzerland
Dark 18.01.2019 @ 3:09pm
What about Central Europe ??? Vienna? Prague? Krakow?
Simon Woollacott 18.01.2019 @ 3:06pm
Have you considered a ski resort? Skidog! Brewski! Val d Isère, Tignes, mayerhofen? And can I manage it please.
Justin 18.01.2019 @ 2:58pm
Sinead 18.01.2019 @ 2:52pm
Newquay, Cornwall!!
Richie 18.01.2019 @ 2:44pm
Miami FL!!
Mark 18.01.2019 @ 2:44pm
Cologne Germany please, will fit in well
Jill 18.01.2019 @ 2:28pm
Somewhere near Denver, Colorado would be great! Huge beer state. You would be a great fit
James 18.01.2019 @ 2:19pm
Balham South London - Old Wetherspoons has closed down and it’s right next to the station! Great footfall and massive connection station for the south Into London so would be good for a traffic stop for most people!
Oliver 18.01.2019 @ 2:08pm
Adam 18.01.2019 @ 2:06pm
Iv been away from Aberdeen for a few years now, and desperately miss Brewdog bars. Newcastle is our nearest one, but we would love one in Darlington!!
Fred ThePunk 18.01.2019 @ 2:02pm
Which premises in Inverness are BrewDog planning to open please?
Adam 18.01.2019 @ 1:59pm
Need to get yourselves to Mexico City
Lewis Bell 18.01.2019 @ 1:59pm
Plymouth, Devon please!
Linda 18.01.2019 @ 1:57pm
Amsterdam !!!
Mick T 18.01.2019 @ 1:52pm
Dave K 18.01.2019 @ 1:49pm
Andrew 18.01.2019 @ 1:48pm
Three cities come to mind Austin Texas, Denver Colorado and New York City New York.
Phil 18.01.2019 @ 1:46pm
Preston is crying out for a Brewdog bar! The city centre is transforming every year and I think you’d be a crazy popular addition.
Andreas 18.01.2019 @ 1:40pm
Trevor 18.01.2019 @ 1:38pm
Belfast Pleae!!
Joe 18.01.2019 @ 1:38pm
Las Vegas is missing? Entertainment capital of the world!! Perfect place is Vegas where Brew Dog can really knock the socks off locals and the millions of tourists
Dave 18.01.2019 @ 1:37pm
Please put one in Lincoln!!
CC 18.01.2019 @ 1:31pm
The Hague in The Netherlands! Loads of expats who miss good craft beer!!!
Graeme 18.01.2019 @ 1:28pm
Guildford was mentioned as a possibility at one point, is it still?
Smudger666 18.01.2019 @ 1:27pm
Have you changed your mind on Kingston-Upon-Hull?
Rusty H 18.01.2019 @ 1:26pm
Any chance of a bar located in Kent? Canterbury is literally gagging for a Brewdog bar!!!
Dan Thomas 18.01.2019 @ 1:26pm
Guildford would be a great location! Lots of London commuters, affluent area, university town, full of beer lovers!
Ludo 18.01.2019 @ 1:23pm
We need a BrewDog in Münster, Germany
Its a student city and would fit right in!
andycat 18.01.2019 @ 1:13pm
Preston, Lancashire. Home of many fine Micropubs sprung up in the last couple of years, all well supported. You've quite a gap between Manchester then Carlisle!!!!
tom F 18.01.2019 @ 1:12pm
Chester and Guildford would be good markets to get into.
Carl 18.01.2019 @ 1:09pm
Guildford please!!
Nicholas roberts 18.01.2019 @ 1:08pm
Somewhere in north wales?? We only have one in Cardiff and that’s 4hr drive away. I need a good pub to socialise in ????
ArtDaffodil 18.01.2019 @ 1:07pm
Portsmouth UK is crying out for a Brewdog bar and plenty of great areas to locate in... Cheers!
Sean 18.01.2019 @ 1:05pm
Mike Grose 18.01.2019 @ 1:02pm
Torquay. Devon?
Ralle 18.01.2019 @ 1:02pm
Hi where are the Bar in Switzerland?
Adam T 18.01.2019 @ 1:01pm
Any chance of opening one in Chester?
Damion 18.01.2019 @ 12:59pm
A great location for you would be Harrogate, North Yorkshire. Great night life and a very socialable atmosphere at all times.
Nigel 18.01.2019 @ 12:57pm
The country doesn't finish at Bristol. Bring something to the westcountry please.
Neal 18.01.2019 @ 12:57pm
Belfast please
Gareth Martin 18.01.2019 @ 12:57pm
Belfast has become a cosmopolitan city over the past 3-4years and grows year on year when the influx of tourism. A brew dog bar would certainly thrive in my city
Tim 18.01.2019 @ 12:57pm
Douglas, Isle of Man - there's a good reason we're known as 80,000 alcoholics clinging to a rock!
Toby 18.01.2019 @ 12:56pm
How about Ipswich, Bury st Edmunds or Sudbury !
They are all crying out for a truly great bar
Steven 18.01.2019 @ 12:54pm
Darlington - pleeeeeeaaaassssseeee

Other ale bars just don't come close
Beers Without Frontiers 18.01.2019 @ 12:53pm
Guys, you have got to open in Leamington Spa! There is almost zero decent beer in this town, it is yours for the taking!
BK 18.01.2019 @ 12:41pm
Lincoln - huge refurbishment happening at the moment, perfect opportunity to get a Brewdog in. Would also mean I don't have to drive almost an hour to get the stuff I like :D
Trevor 18.01.2019 @ 12:39pm
Portsmouth in Hampshire- Please! South Coast, near a marina and university - prime location - Gunwharf Quays
Søren B 18.01.2019 @ 12:37pm
Copenhagen skipped ... again :-/
Nigel S 18.01.2019 @ 12:37pm
Don't think the last message posted, but you guys need to check out The Queen Victoria pub on Gosforth High Street, currently up for lease. Couple of years back you posted saying you want sites which are ground floor, corner situated, plenty of cool windows. This has all those, and I believe the Newcastle bar is trading very well, we could use a second just outside the city centre! Hope you're still offering that finders fee :-)
Robbie 18.01.2019 @ 12:35pm
Lincoln Cornhill
Dave M 18.01.2019 @ 12:35pm
Brewdog Inverness!!! Awesome news. Let me know when it is opening so I can quit my job.
Steven 18.01.2019 @ 12:33pm
Fingers crossed for Dublin. Any news on Belfast??
Greg 18.01.2019 @ 12:33pm
It's time to open a BrewDog bar in Switzerland. However there are many good craft breweries, we are missing places to drink good beers.
Zurich is ready for BrewDog!!
Nigel Scott 18.01.2019 @ 12:25pm
Sure I saw in a trading update that Newcastle was up there with the top earners. Get a second one open, some perfect spots on Gosforth High Street, just a couple of miles outside the city centre, namely the Queen Victoria pub currently up for lease. Would be a cracking spot, and closer to me as well :-)
Peter 18.01.2019 @ 12:24pm
Bradford, West Yorkshire
Rick 18.01.2019 @ 12:20pm
ROTTERDAM, The Netherlands is crying to get one! It is a raw, beer populated city, perfect for the BrewDog Vibe.
Rebecca 18.01.2019 @ 12:19pm
Belfast, Seattle and New York!
Baz 18.01.2019 @ 12:18pm
Would love one in Portsmouth.
Ashley Stoker 18.01.2019 @ 12:14pm
Blackpool UK, please!!
Dri 18.01.2019 @ 12:12pm
Come in Switzerland, it is a pretty good spot!
Cristiano 18.01.2019 @ 12:12pm
Portugal needs you guys, Porto has it's doors open for brewdog.
Josh 18.01.2019 @ 12:12pm
Since leaving London in 2018 the thing I have missed the most is access to a local BrewDog Bar. I now in live in Peterborough where there is a crying need for some form of bar that offers more....BrewDog this is where you step in. If you check out the latest developments near the railway station you’ll see that there’s a glorious opportunity to be had. You’re welcome.
Jesse A 18.01.2019 @ 12:09pm
Consider the growing Beer Destination that is Ohienixville, Pennsylvania. Neat downtown area with shops and restaurants and 5 breweries, one distillery, and 3 wine bars. A new 100+tap bar and grill is opening soon.
Lior 18.01.2019 @ 12:07pm
Please open a bar in Tel Aviv!
Alex 18.01.2019 @ 12:07pm
Perth, Australia!
JT 18.01.2019 @ 12:07pm
Philadelphia would be a great spot.
IT84 18.01.2019 @ 12:04pm
Preston please....!
John Bevan 18.01.2019 @ 12:01pm
Leamington, Warwick or Coventry!
Reto 18.01.2019 @ 11:59am
How about Switzerland ? Are our 1'000 breweries to much compedition ?
Ed Cooper 18.01.2019 @ 11:57am
Lincoln! New Lincoln Cornhill Quarter development.
My name is not important 18.01.2019 @ 11:56am
Russ_EB 18.01.2019 @ 11:56am
Can we get one in Lincoln please
Sam 18.01.2019 @ 11:56am
Please come and fill the back hole of craft beer somewhere in Surrey. Literally nowhere from Surbiton to the coast.
Mads 18.01.2019 @ 11:55am
Why not Copenhagen? You are in much smaller cities, so why not?
Wonk 18.01.2019 @ 11:54am
What happened to Hull?
John Day 18.01.2019 @ 11:50am
Love that you are coming to Canada. Just wish it had been Ottawa!
SJ 18.01.2019 @ 11:48am
Cape Town
Stuart 18.01.2019 @ 11:47am
I live that we’re getting more bars
Any chance of one in Preston
Luke Donnelly 18.01.2019 @ 11:47am
Belfast, Northern Ireland!!
Mauro 18.01.2019 @ 11:45am
Italy lol
Karl Palmer 18.01.2019 @ 11:44am
Bournemouth is nice...
Bob 18.01.2019 @ 11:44am
James Childs 18.01.2019 @ 11:42am
Fraserburgh soon as well
DanielM 18.01.2019 @ 11:41am
When will you guys come to The Netherlands? We have a great craft scene and plenty of equity punks!
Mark 18.01.2019 @ 11:38am
You need to check out the multi million pound renovation of the Tram Sheds in Derby or Jacobean House on the Wardwick. Derbys most haunted building, currently tenantless and perfect for Brewdog ????
Rich 18.01.2019 @ 11:37am
Prentice Baines 18.01.2019 @ 11:36am
Looks great! Would be good to get a south of Scotland location. Maybe Dumfries? Can’t wait to visit some of these.
Simon A 18.01.2019 @ 11:36am
Melbourne,?it’s a no brainer!
SKS 18.01.2019 @ 11:36am
Prague, please!
Balham Shareholder 18.01.2019 @ 11:34am
Glad to see St Andrews on the list. But you are missing a trick, as I've told you before, not to open in Balham SW London. Big licensed ex-Wetherspoon's premises available right by the station and tube. Don't wait too long.
Kiwi 18.01.2019 @ 10:39am
New Zealand!
Camb_Addick 18.01.2019 @ 10:22am
Finally Cambridge is in this list. Thanks!