Our amazing crews up and down the country (and around the world) are there to ensure you have a great time whenever you set foot inside a BrewDog Bar. And we absolutely love them for it. Our bars are beacons in the citadel because we – and they – never stand still. We are constantly adding new features, staging epic events and adding entirely new bars to our roster. So here’s a quick run-down of what we are working on at the moment and how your local BrewDog Bar is set to get even better.

And stand by for a run-down of our latest locations in the pipeline…

New BrewDog Bars

Inverurie – It took a little longer than we’d hoped but our new bar on Market Street in Inverurie will be open on Friday 17th May (with THREE Equity Punk preview events beforehand).

Hawkes Taproom – On the same night we will be unveiling the new-look taproom for Hawkes Cider, located at their amazing cidery on Druid Street, London!

Hamburg – Our next European BrewDog Bar will be for this fascinating city in Northern Germany. BrewDog Hamburg is coming together now and will be open in June.

Nice – Next month will also hopefully see the arrival of our second bar for France, following on the heels of BrewDog Le Marais. We are coming to the Alpes-Maritimes and Nice!

Outpost Manchester – Still in June we hope to also have a red-letter day for Manchester too as we throw back the doors of our second UK Outpost BrewPub, on Oxford Road.

DogTap Berlin - We have picked up the keys and are working on the Mariendorf gasworks building right now, starting its journey to becoming DogTap Berlin. The beautiful 2,500m2 taproom and a 5,000m2 epic beer garden will have homebrew kits, a gaming area, dog park, craft beer museum and DeskDog co-working area (see below). And it will host a European #PunkAGM on the 7th of September!

New Looks for Existing Bars

Our current bars are also receiving new looks - we have just re-opened the mighty BrewDog Sheffield after an awesome refurb, so check it out if you are in the area. We are also closing North Street Leeds on May 6th to give that a facelift, and once that re-opens we’ll be doing the same to its sister bar BrewDog Leeds. Further afield we are set to renovate BrewDog RoppongiBrewDog Brussels and BD57 in Oslo as well as renovating a couple of our Draft House sites – Draft House Tower Bridge and Draft House Birdcage on Columbia Road.

Desk Dog – Part Two!

Our many remote staff often spend time dialling into their laptops in our BrewDog Bars, and we know many of you do so too. DeskDog makes that official. For £7 you can book a space in your local UK BrewDog Bar (or the one nearest to you if you’re on the road) and score unlimited free coffee throughout the day, plus a pint of Punk IPA once you’re done. Launched as a trial in four BrewDog Bars it has become so popular we have now rolled it out to the list below.

Don’t forget the laptop charger!

CENTRAL: Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Liverpool, Manchester, North Street Leeds

SOUTH: Tower Hill, Brighton, Camden, Canary Wharf, Clerkenwell, Dalston, Oxford, Reading, Seven Dials, Shepherd’s Bush, Soho, Southampton, Milton Keynes

NORTH: Castlegate, DogHouse Glasgow, DogTap, Dundee, Lothian Road, Stirling, York

EUROPE: Berlin Mitte, Barcelona, Brussels

Made for Us – Northern Monk

Tonight is the first Thursday in the month and that means the latest beer in our Made for Us series is ready to hit the taps of our UK BrewDog Bars. Following on from the brand new DDH Pale Ale brewed for us by Buxton, we have the second in the line-up pouring in unison at 6pm tonight. Our good friends at Northern Monk have created a bespoke 6.0% ABV Citra-hopped mango sour, brewed with oats and wheat. It tastes incredible and we can’t wait for you to discover what will surely be the beer of the (early) summer.

Up & Coming Festival

Finally, today also sees the start of the Up & Coming Festival. As we dialled in last week here on the BrewDog blog, for the next fortnight our UK Bars are pouring beers from a number of small independent breweries nominated by our Equity Punks and BrewDog Bar crews. 25 different breweries are taking part, from all over the UK, so check out your local bar page to see which kegs they have pouring from which Up & Coming brewery!

And if there are any other festivals you’d like to see in your local BrewDog Bar – just let us know in the comments below. You never know what might happen!

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