For the past couple of months, we've been looking into the possibility of launching a BrewDog Beer Club via our online shop. We are looking to launch this sometime in the first half of 2015. We've gone through various iterations of plans and ideas, but this week we thought "Hey! Who are the best people to ask for ideas on how a beer club should work? The members!"
So today, we're turning to you (*points*) to get your input on how you'd like to see us set up a BrewDog beer club.

The options we are looking at are either a monthly or bi-monthly case of BrewDog beers & goodies with a mix of Headliners, Amplified & Small Batch brews. We would also feature some of the amazing guest breweries we are bringing over to the UK heavily too, as well as looking to include some of the UK’s best craft beers.

Your feedback will help tailor exactly how this new beer club is run. So! Please number your feedback with the following categories of preferences, and use the comments box below or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter.
1)      Releases – Would you like the club to send out a shipment monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly?
2)      Case size – Would the ideal case size be 6, 8, 12 or 24 bottles?
3)      Cost – What would the ideal monthly or bi-monthly fee be? £25, £30, £35? This will of course impact the amount and type of beers we can send.
4)      Contents – Would you guys like a beer club to also include guest beers? If so, what is the ideal BrewDog to guest split for beer club shipments? 50:50 ? 75:25? or something else?
5)      Quantity – Would you guys prefer a single bottle of more different beers, or a couple of bottles of each so you can enjoy more than one of each beer?
We will hopefully be kicking this project off in the New Year sometime so all feedback is really appreciated!

Once we have compiled all your feedback and settled on the formula we can start on the fun bit of sending our scouts to find the best beer available to fill these cases!
Look out for the BrewDog beer club, coming 2015.

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Peter Hull 15.04.2015 @ 8:24pm
Monthly, 12 bottle cases, Max £36, Mix 50:50, quantity don't care (1 of each, 2 of each, random mix) it's all good beer!
Chris S 02.04.2015 @ 11:17pm
Choice of three packages.

First Option: Brewdog Introduction. 6 bottles. £15 monthly.
Second Option: 50:50 Brewdog/Guest. 10 bottles. £25/£35 monthly.
Third Option: Free Choice. 4 Core Brewdog with upto 6 from a shortlist. From £10 monthly.

I know the free choice, you may as well order from the shop. But this way you always have at least 4 Brewdog Beers sent to you monthly.
Philip U 10.11.2014 @ 8:49am
1) Releases - Bi-Monthly / Quarterly2) Case Size - 123) Cost - £50 to £60 ish4) Contents - 9 BrewDog 3 Guest. 5) Quantity - Single bottles for maximum variety / comparisonNo Main Line / supermarket beers.Should offer a tiered level for those who wish it.Should include merchandise - even if just members only key rings / badges / hats / pens etc (exclusives)
PJ B 08.11.2014 @ 9:01pm
Hi guys, Where do I pay because I want to sign up now. Release - Monthly (we want good beer and we want it regularly)Case size - 12 Cost - 35-50 (but I think when theres something that even ye saw WOW to then Im happy to pay more to get two bottles)Content - 75:25 (But again I wouldnt be cross if ye changed once in awhile because something great came along)Quantity - I think two of each so you can share or Really enjoy. Also would it be possible to maybe to gift packs where you can send someone one months selection of beers (with only one of each) to a friend. Also maybe different levels of beer club membership, Gold = MonthlySilver = Bi-MonthlyBronze = Quarterly
Gerradferrier 08.11.2014 @ 7:16pm
Dear Brewdog,Its an awesome idea.1) monthly2) 12 bottles3) £304) 50:505) 2 of eachCheers.
rj 08.11.2014 @ 5:56pm
Monthly, 24, £35, mix 25guest:75bd, couple of each
nico3280 08.11.2014 @ 4:31pm
If available in the states, Id be ok with quarterly, $75, case and a good mix of beer, maybe seasonal.
Colin123 08.11.2014 @ 6:37am
1) Releases – Quarterly but a monthly option would be nice as well 2) Case size – 123) About £30 to 404) Contents – 75/25 BD to guests would be nice. Some merch and information about the beers would be nice as well.5) Quantity – 1 of each but maybe with an option to order more the next month if we like it.
Michael M 07.11.2014 @ 6:37pm
Spanking idea;People like options, so monthly beers & special release beers to link in to the beers you brew as 1 offs. 75/25 split with the guest beers, as lets be honest we love brewdog!
SeannyD 07.11.2014 @ 6:27pm
1) Bimonthly2) 24 or 12 for more expensive brews. An option for either choice? 3) £35 or a bit more for special occasions4) 50:50 5) 1 or 2 bottles, all killer no filler.(except maybe for Dead Pony Club😊)
birrotes 07.11.2014 @ 4:49pm
Bimonthly 12-24 bottlesBrew dog specials and guest beer 50:501-2 of each beer40-50 pounds maximum
Chris Novell 07.11.2014 @ 9:10am
Bi Monthly or QuarterlyBi monthly 8 Quarterly 12£25 for 8 Beers bi monthly seems reasonable assuming that some of the beers may be rare and high ABV. Just over £3 a beer is good value.Give beer club members the option to tailor the ratio each month. 4 categories, All Brewdog 75:25, 50:50 and Surprise me.Single beers all the way.
Zander McDonald 06.11.2014 @ 9:59pm
1. Bi-monthly2. 12 Bottles3. £40 inc delivery4. Generally wouldnt want the easily available BD beers (Dead Pony, 5am, Punk, not that there is anything wrong with them of course just easy to pick up from supermarkets). 50:50 split with BD and Guests and 5. 2 of each or 1s of rares be cool. Zander mcdonald
Richjw 06.11.2014 @ 9:03pm
1) quarterly would do it for me2) Around 15 would be ideal3) Clearly as inexpensive as possible, but £25- £30 a quarter wouldnt break the bank.4) guest beers are a must but no need for more than 50:50 split.5) single of each gives us more to taste.A choice of a couple of different options would mean folk can decide what suits them.
@ndy.P 06.11.2014 @ 7:55pm
1) releases bi-monthly2) case size 123) cost £304) Brewdog: Guest 60: 405) couple of each
Stephen T 06.11.2014 @ 5:20pm
1) Releases – bi-monthly2) Case size – 123) Cost – £30 - £404) Contents – 50:505) Quantity – 2 of each preferably
Cfield 06.11.2014 @ 4:59pm
bi monthly12£4050/502 of eachQuality over quantity
Coiled 06.11.2014 @ 4:58pm
bi monthly12£4050/502 of eachQuality over quantity
Stu Bulloch 06.11.2014 @ 4:37pm
1) Bi-monthly2) 12 bottles3) £404) 50:50 Brewdog and collaborators like Magic Rock/Beavertown or themes like other Scottish brewers (Black Isle, Alechemy)5) Couple of bottles of each
Anachronism 06.11.2014 @ 3:30pm
Bi-monthly12 bottles£60 (avg of £5 a bottle seems reasonable, but I would probably go higher)A mixture (Id probably almost say all guest, as I buy up an order of anything BrewDog do on release anyway).I think it could be at most 2 per beer, but if there was a more expensive bottle, to make the costing work, just 1 of them would be cool.
bodee 06.11.2014 @ 2:27pm
Dear Brewdog,Its an awesome idea. My answers:1) quarterly2) 12 bottle cases3) 30 pounds should be cool4) guest beers are welcomed, but not above 75:25 ratio5) i prefer single bottle mix of different beers
Neil B 06.11.2014 @ 1:49pm
Great Idea! 1) Monthly2) Case Size - 8 or 123) Cost if 8 £25 inc P&P if 12 £35 inc P&P4) Contest 50/505) Quantity - 1 of each would be idealWaiting with anticipation as and when you guys get this up and running.
mark h 06.11.2014 @ 1:13pm
Also agree with this:1. Bi-monthly or Quarterly2. 12 Bottles3. £25 a month4. Generally wouldnt want the easily available BD beers (Dead Pony, 5am, Punk, not that there is anything wrong with them of course just easy to pick up from supermarkets). 50:50 split with BD and Guests.5. All different please!If possible I would like the choice of two different case styles, Hophead or malty. I love hops and am not so fond of the more malty beverages.
Fraguk1982 06.11.2014 @ 12:26pm
I agree 100% with one of the previous comments.In fact, Ill just copy and paste what they put......1. Bi-monthly or Quarterly2. 12 Bottles3. £25 a month4. Generally wouldnt want the easily available BD beers (Dead Pony, 5am, Punk, not that there is anything wrong with them of course just easy to pick up from supermarkets). 50:50 split with BD and Guests.5. All different please!
Beermunster 06.11.2014 @ 12:20pm
1) Bi-monthly or quarterly2) Case of 123) Max £60 inc UK delivery4) Contents Mix of BD & other beers. Maybe 4xBD and 8 others.5) Qty 1 bottle of each
flything 06.11.2014 @ 11:47am
1. Bi-monthly or Quarterly2. 12 Bottles3. £25 a month4. Generally wouldnt want the easily available BD beers (Dead Pony, 5am, Punk, not that there is anything wrong with them of course just easy to pick up from supermarkets). 50:50 split with BD and Guests.5. All different please!
Shanks 06.11.2014 @ 11:42am
1) Monthly2) Case Size - 123) Cost £35 a reasonable amount4) Content 70:30 Brewdog5) 1 of each.What would make it really work for me is flexibility. An online system that allows the user as much control as feasible to up or lower options in the service Great idea though chaps
bisseparoni 06.11.2014 @ 10:17am
1) bi-monthly2) 24 bottles3) around 60GBP, including shipping in EU4) 50/50, and you could choose the 12 BrewDog brews yourself - lets say for every other shipment5) pair of each brew, one to rate and the other one to enjoy
beer please 06.11.2014 @ 10:08am
1) bi-monthly 2) 83) £304) 75:255) a single bottle of more different beersVERY EXCITED! :-)
Ghostbox80 06.11.2014 @ 10:07am
1. daily2. 123. £304. 50+505. doubleonly for UK?
Dan-Viggo V 06.11.2014 @ 9:15am
Great idea :-) As a share holder, I hope that there will be a possibility to ship this in Norway also.1) Bi-monthly release2) Case size - 83) £ 35-404) 75/25 Brew Dog/Guest beer5) Single bottle of eachKeeping my fingers crossed
Falkens 06.11.2014 @ 8:24am
This is a must!!! Make this available outside the UK at affordable prices! Delivery costs to Swedens shameless. Unless it goes so I should be able to place an order that is shipped to the Swedish supplier in my name
Kozzmox 06.11.2014 @ 8:08am
1) Releases - Monthly2) Case Size - 12 is the perfect!3) Cost - 30/40 £4) Contents - A mix, Brewdog and Guests 60:405) Quantity - Single, with a limited discount code or something similar to buy others until the next month.This is an awesome idea, I hope that working on other countries, like mine, Spain. I am a hard fan of Punk IPA and Barely Wine of Russian Doll ed. :PThanks!
Bishop0151 06.11.2014 @ 7:49am
1} Bi monthly or quarterly to appeal to the most pockets and minimise the shipping, especially for international. 2} 123} 30-35. Allow the price to vary across a small range depending on the contents. 4} Hard one but Id go with 8:4 split in a 12 pack if its a good route to try some great foreign guests. Ideally it would focus on the brewdog specials, outside the core range. I have missed some specials like the pumpkin because I couldnt place an order quick enough and dont have a bar close.5} 1 of each but with an option to buy 2 cases to make it two of each. This would depend on publishing the contents in advance so that I make an informed choice about doubling the order.
Ranlo 06.11.2014 @ 7:41am
If I were from UK : 1. monthly2. 12 bottles3. £35/month4. Brewdog 75% others 25%5. 2 of each considering Im in France, I agree with Sjoerd de Haan, itd be better to combine the shipment abroad. And it might be something like(like once/twice a semester, with 48 bottles, 100£)1. once/twice a semester2. with 48 bottles3. 100-125£4. Brewdog 75% others 25%5. several of each :)
Nathan 05.11.2014 @ 11:18pm
Hey guys,I think you should make something manageable for all budgets. Im thinking £25 a month (including p+p, I hope!). I love your beers, but you always get some great guest brews in. I think it should be a 25% Brewdog to 75% guest beers. I think sharing information on other breweries is a great way to help out the beer and ale industry as a whole, and would really show that smaller companies really are in this together. Kind of like small music labels doing cross promotions. Plus, any way to get more Mikkeller beer in my life has my seal of approval!Cheers!
craftbeercrusader 05.11.2014 @ 11:05pm
1) Releases - bi-monthly2) Case size - 6-83) Cost - £454) Contents - 70 guest/ 30 brewdog5) Quantity - 1 of each, but make em special!I think the Brewdog beer needs to be AT LEAST small batch/occasional brew, no core line as good as it is, I can get them anytime. I think this should be all about getting to try something out there and different or exceptional.
DiggeR 05.11.2014 @ 10:14pm
I would be interested in this but shipping would make it totally not worth it for me. If you had a cheaper international option Id be all for it.1) Quarterly/Bi-monthly2) 243) Costing is dependent on quantity really but Id pay up to 50 as long as shipping was reasonable.4) 75/255) A Couple of each.
Howaboutthis 05.11.2014 @ 10:10pm
I would like a case with the same beer idea by different brewerys. Like a competioncase.But thats just dreaming, I live in the Netherlands so your beers are hard to come by anyway.Awesome idea, good luck!
Philip Howard 05.11.2014 @ 9:42pm
Bimonthly and six bottles (perhaps six standard size plus one bomber) works for me. Please focus on the Small Batch brews - these are the ones that well struggle to get hold of any other way. Guests are fine if they are also rarities which well be unlikely to encounter otherwise. Doubles for standard size, single bombers. The cost should follow on from that specification, rather than trying to hit a predetermined budget.
Greg / Glasgow 05.11.2014 @ 9:29pm
Lots of good ideas here, ive ordered online from the Dogs before and would happily go for bi-monthly, 8 bottles, £30ish, 4 Brewdog:4 guest, never more than two of each beer, but singles welcome always, £180 per annum.
Pikkio 05.11.2014 @ 9:04pm
This sounds truly EPIC. :DYou guys are doing things even before I realize that I actually really need it. 1) Id say Bi-Monthly. As we wont have the chance to choose the beers, better to have them as a bonus here and there.2) 12 beers should be a great size. allow to good selection variety but it doesnt fill a whole fridge/closet.3) considering 12 beers, Id say £35 which is an average of about £2.9 each bottle. but Id definitely prefer to pay more to have at least one special beer, and a couple of amplified, rather than having only the cheaper ones which I can buy in any shop in town..4) as above. not more than 50% standard brewdog beers, then the rest mixed with amplified, specials and guests5) 2 bottles per kind. if I taste a new beer and I like it and I dont have a second bottle, I could commit suicide. :P
mike79 05.11.2014 @ 9:02pm
Definitely interested.Monthlymix of Brewdog & Guests1 x each beerCost is not concern, value is. If the cost works out less than it would had I bought the 6, 8 or 12 beers individually Im all for it.
chris-thompson-123 05.11.2014 @ 8:48pm
I like the idea of bi monthly issues including 12 bottles id be happy to pay £35 for them inc postage .. but instead of going 50:50 or whatnot just throw at us your favorite beers of the last 2 months .. brewdogs premise was to be selfish and make beers that they liked and hoping that other liked them too .. and you know what they bloody did!.. what 12 beers would James buy for £35 what beers would Martin buy for £35 .. Stewart .. Brewdog Camden .. and so on im sure others like me would put their total faith in you-guys choices :D x
Fortisinarduis 05.11.2014 @ 8:33pm
Bi-monthlyEither 6 or 8 bottlesCost £20-30Id love to see a mix of beers a ratio of 2:1Id say one bottle of each, but give an option to double your order.Itd be great if we got some funky bonuses, stickers, badges,maybe a some glassware, as a thank you for joining, and so that we have the right glasses for the beer were enjoying.
mmmsome 05.11.2014 @ 8:31pm
1. Releases - Bi-monthly. Builds up the anticipation and allows you guys to keep up with demand should it prove popular.2. Case size - 12 sounds decent.3. Cost - 12 x 6 = 72 beers a year. I think £40 per shipment, or a one-off payment of c.£300.4. Contents - preferably limited release/small batch/new Brewdog (one could be replaced with an Amplified if supply is short) and a few guests/collabs. Mostly Brewdog. It needs to be a mix of types though... for example, I prefer light ales, dont mind dark, but cant stand really deep, dark flavours like the most recent Abstrakt beers. Im happy to try more adventurous stuff but the club cant cater exclusively to the esoteric. Numbers... if 12 bottles then I would have either 3 or 4 Brewdog beers, two of each, then the remainder could be guests.4. Quantity - two of each beer.Great idea and I hope you can make it available outside of the UK. I live on the Isle of Man and pay a small extra postage cost for Abstrakt, which Id be happy to do for this too, within reason!
Dinonav23 05.11.2014 @ 8:26pm
1. Bi monthly2. Case of 123. $40 usa4. 75/255. 2of eachQuestion: what size bottles??? 12/22/24oz?
IainR 05.11.2014 @ 7:49pm
I would suggest a variable Club Plan where you can switch from month to month to provide max flexibility:1. Monthly2. 12 bottles3. Offer £25, £30, £35, £40 options4. Optional Split 25/75: 50/50: 75/255. SingleGreat idea though.
Andrew B 05.11.2014 @ 7:49pm
1. bi monthly2. 12 or 24 size options3. 25 for 12 and 35 for 244. 2:1 Brewdog:guest and maybe another option of all brewdog, 5. For the Brewdog beer I would like a couple bottles of each and with the guest bottle just one bottle of each guest beer.
Shorkan 05.11.2014 @ 7:40pm
1) Monthly2) 123) 354) 50:505) Couple of each so I can share with my girlfriend ;-)I hope this will be available outside the UK as well!
Mark I 05.11.2014 @ 7:28pm
Quarterly 24£50ish50:501 or 2
Kyle Robinson 05.11.2014 @ 7:23pm
1) Releases – Bi monthly2) Case size –243) Cost – £40-504) Contents – 50:505) Quantity – 2 of each
Rich G 05.11.2014 @ 7:05pm
1) Bi-monthly - It might be worth thinking about local delivery centres. (e.g. the post office) I wouldnt want the Postman drinking all my beer whilst Im at work and Im not sure I would get that much beer delivered to work. .2) 24 bottles3) £35 per delivery (maybe £250 pa)4) 50:505) Single bottle of more different beers
Mark g 05.11.2014 @ 7:02pm
monthly12 btls25/30 quid50:502 of each.
BeerDude 05.11.2014 @ 6:59pm
1) bi-monthly2) 243) 50-604) 75:25 in favour of guests - maybe a little more Brewdog if there had been several recent new releases though5) a couple of each would work (if case size was 12 then 1 of each)
Dirk McBain 05.11.2014 @ 6:51pm
1) monthly2) 123) £254) 50% BD 50% Guest5) singles
ChrisG 05.11.2014 @ 6:46pm
1) bimonthly 2) 243) £504) 50/505) 1 of each
Ewan 05.11.2014 @ 6:42pm
BI-monthlycase of 12 minimum£4075:25 brewdog to guestsindividual or pairs but ideally I can get the main line of beers any where. Id be after the rare and small batch beers the experimental beers. Maybe have one core beer in each case to allow a taste for those that have never tried them, but really Id think most people here are interested in the ab: range and beers like that.
Toddinchains 05.11.2014 @ 6:34pm
Quarterly Shipments8 (33cl) or 12 (50-75cl) bottlesAll BrewDog, unless collaborations.Definitely include at least 1 rarity pershipment.1-2 bottles of each style.All of these costs are acceptable dependingon rarity of beers to be shipped.
Marco Zanzi 05.11.2014 @ 6:32pm
1) Releases - quarterly2) Case size – 12 bottles?3) Cost – £50 quarterly4) Contents – 75 BrewDog:25Guest5) Quantity - couple of bottles of each
Yo 05.11.2014 @ 6:16pm
1. Monthly2. Up to 12 (maybe less some months - say 8 with rarer/expensive beers)3. £30 (incl.postage)4. 50/50 Mix5. Singles
Shtrudel 05.11.2014 @ 6:07pm
1) Bi monthly2) Case size 12 or 24 depending on 5)3) 304) 50/505) one or two 6) make it Europe wide please
RalfBiscuits 05.11.2014 @ 5:46pm
Sounds amazing!Maybe have tiers of membership (so the people with less disposable can still join the fun for £25 per month / two months but the hardcore IPA fans (pun intended) can get their weekly 36-pack to tide them over?It would be ace to see what beers you guys recommend but I think a 75:25 split (majority BD bottles) would be best as then we know at least most of what we are getting is going to be wonderful beer!Maybe also include membership merchandise (either one off or every few months) - I often wish that I was wearing one of your amazing t-shirts when drinking my Punk IPA for breakfast but havent ever gotten around to ordering one separate from the beer. Looking forward to this....:D
Suziroo 05.11.2014 @ 5:43pm
1) Releases – Quarterly for the first year (take it easy lads), maybe bi-monthly the second year onwards.2) Case size – 6 lovely bottles.5) Quantity – 2 bottles of that quarters featured beer and single bottles of the rest.4) Contents – 2 foreign guest beers and 1 local guest beer.If its at all feasible itd also be nice to have the option of collection from a local stockist to potentially save on postage but at the very least to not need to be home to sign for it.
ztricky 05.11.2014 @ 5:21pm
1. Bi-Monthly2. 243. Depends whats in it4. 50/505. 2
Scott C 05.11.2014 @ 5:11pm
Sounds like a great plan... Id be in favour of something like:1) Releases – monthly2) Case size – 12 bottles a month (option to subscribe to a half case, or a double if you want)3) Cost – £30 -£35 per 12 bottles (Inc delivery)4) Contents – How about a couple different plans? 25% brewdog to 75% guest and small batch, 50/50 split, 25% guest to 75% BD, etc5) Quantity – two of each depending on what you get in the box (wouldnt mind getting one bomber size, or rare brew instead of two bottles now and again)
Burba 05.11.2014 @ 5:11pm
Considering that it will be shipped to Norway, I will say 1. Monthly / Bi-monthly2. 6 / 12 3. £30-£404. 50/505. Single bottles
Chris R 05.11.2014 @ 4:53pm
1) Releases – bi-monthly 2) Case size – 24 bottles?3) Cost – around £40 per delivery) 4) Contents – Must include every new brewdog release (2 or 3 bottles depedning on price) Possibly include new Abtrakts too (maybe have to up the cost). Guest beers to make up numbers if not so many new brewdog releases.5) Quantity – a couple of bottles of each.
donnyrovers 05.11.2014 @ 4:48pm
1. Bi monthly 2. Case size 8 3. £30 4. 50-50 4. Single
Deaf Brendan 05.11.2014 @ 4:34pm
1) Releases – What about being able to choose from a few options? Right now quarterly would probably be ideal financially, but I would happily move up to monthly once I can.2) Case size – 6-8, Be happy with 6 if it keeps price down3) Cost – £30 would be awesome. A bit more if necessary to ship to Sweden.4) Contents – Yes guest, 50:50 works for me5) Quantity – 2 of each
SimonK 05.11.2014 @ 4:26pm
1 Bi monthly2. 12 bottles3. £25/month4. Brewdog 75% others 25%5. 2 of each
Jonathan H 05.11.2014 @ 4:19pm
1) Bi-monthly2) 12 - It would be great to upgrade to 24 around certain times such as Christmas. 3) £504) Brewdog Beer Club for me would preferably include mostly the Small Batch with the odd guest beer thrown in. 2:1 Brewdog:Guest5) Doubles in order to try one and age the other.
mal 05.11.2014 @ 4:15pm
1) Releases – quarterly2) Case size – 83) Cost – £30 (before shareholder discount)4) Contents – Brewdog only5) Quantity – Single bottle
Tom Marsden 05.11.2014 @ 4:10pm
1) bi-monthly2) 12 beers3) £45 including shipping4) 60/40 BD/Guest plus some trinkets like stickers/beer mats/glassware. Also, make the guest beers surprising - your current webshop choices are pretty mainstream. 5) couple of each beers except in the case of large bottles.
Niels van Huijstee 05.11.2014 @ 4:07pm
1) Frequency - every month2) Case Size - 63) £15 - £20 4) 50:50, but if you have some exciting new, rare, limited or otherwise special BrewDog gems, allowing more room voor those. 5) Quantity - 1 of eachI would like to see smaller cases with more variety, with the posibility to upgrade your subscription to 2, 3 or even more if you like more than one bottle of each. Shipping to Europe mainland (in my case, The Netherlands) would be much appreciated.
Tom Aitken 05.11.2014 @ 3:56pm
1) Releases – Bi monthly2) Case size –243) Cost – Max 40£4) Contents – A mix of brewdog and guests, 50:505) Quantity – couple of each
Matthew 05.11.2014 @ 3:53pm
1. Monthly2. 243. Please include international members4. 25%5. 2 (The only thing that makes great beer better is sharing one with a friend)
neil 05.11.2014 @ 3:39pm
1) Releases – Bi-Monthly2) Case size –123) Cost - £35 with shopping4) Contents – A mix of brewdog and guests, 50:505) Quantity – 2 of eachPossibly a fancy beer glass included, different each time, for a little extra?
Billy 05.11.2014 @ 3:38pm
Quarterly 24£3550:50 mixSingle bottle
NickF 05.11.2014 @ 3:36pm
1) Release - Bi-Monthly2) Case Size - 123) Cost - upto £404) Content - 50:505) Quantity - One of eachIt would be really great to get the new brewdog beers for that couple of months included.
BrewDog Johnny 05.11.2014 @ 3:33pm
@Alphus - That is the feedback we are looking to get from you guys!Thanks for everything so far everyone - keep it coming!
Martin Bakker 05.11.2014 @ 3:25pm
This is awesome! Please ship to the Netherlands as well, as Id certainly join the club ASAP. 1. For shipping reasons quarterly or bi-monthly releases would be best.2. Id prefer smaller batches of special one-off brews over larger cases3. 30-40 EUR4. mix, 75:255. one of each
Steven P 05.11.2014 @ 3:21pm
1. Monthly2. 12 3. £30-£354. 50/505. Single bottles
mgraham4 05.11.2014 @ 3:17pm
1. Bi monthly2. 123. Id pay £404. 75 guest 25 brewdog. I would not want core range brewdog beers ive had them all and can pick them up regularly anyway.5. One of each
Leo C. 05.11.2014 @ 3:17pm
1) Bi monhly2) 12 bottles3) 35 £4) 50:505) Couple of each
SteveM 05.11.2014 @ 3:14pm
1 - Monthly2 - 12 bottles3 - Difficult to say, for 12 bottles would probably need to be £35 to cover all possibilities.4 - 50:50 but Brewdog content could be sensitive will need to be careful about split between ranges5 - 2 of each.Care will be needed with shipping costs (even in the UK)
Hoppedup 05.11.2014 @ 3:13pm
bi monthly24 case£50 (I wouldnt miss 25 pounds a month for quality beer every 2)70:30 brewdog:guestCouple of each 1 for self and another for a friendMaybe a few little gifts sprinkled throughout the year. Maybe rewarding those who stay. Recommend a friend. I reckon there could be options (nothing too complicated)Maybe different levelsPedigrees you might sayPure bred, mix, mongrel, designer. Id love nothing better than getting plastic card at Xmas/birthday telling me Ill be getting Ill be getting amazing beers throughout the next 12 months. All in all I love the idea of a club
Saravanan C 05.11.2014 @ 3:13pm
1) Monthly2) 8 or 123) cost - £30 monthly4) guest beers are good - 50:505) couple of each.
PauloPernias 05.11.2014 @ 3:06pm
Hi guys,This is an awesome idea, and i just want to give more material to you think about.Im from Brasil and I would love to be a member in the brewdog club as well I know lot of my friends would love it.So you guys could send quarterly packs for your bar in Brasil or for Tarantino, and they would charge us for the shipment taxes in Brasil.Case size would be nice to receive 6 beers per month.The max cost doesnt matter at all, Im not a rich man but I know some bottles would be expensive and it is natural that we pay the fair price.For the content I would like only brewdog for Brasil, cuz it would be very sad for me exchange one brewdog for another beer doesnt matter if the beer is awesome.And for quantity you guys could let people chose every month if they want one beer of each or a couple.
Belgian Frank 05.11.2014 @ 3:05pm
The most important thing its the shipping prices because been a beer lover of BrewDog outside UK its expesive. I think thé better is :Bi monthly12 beers35£ wirh shipping if possible 75 BrewDog / 25 guestDoubles.Thanks !!
Rossa 05.11.2014 @ 3:02pm
Sounds good, definitely something Id sign up for but will it be available to non UK customers. Denmark more specifically? 1) bi-monthly2) 123) £30/£354) mix the splits up. Although it should always be mostly Brewdog or 50:505) 2 of each
ATLWill 05.11.2014 @ 3:01pm
1) Monthly2) case 8-12 beers3) £254) Mix 90% Brewdog 10% other5) 2-3 of each beer depending on the size of the caseI hope this club will include the U.S. It is very hard to get your beers here. Ive only tried two and would love to try more. Btw, please bring the show to Atlanta, GA.
TomP 05.11.2014 @ 2:58pm
1. Monthly2. 123. £304. 66.66666/33.333335. Double
Christ-Jan K 05.11.2014 @ 2:58pm
1) Releases – Monthly2) Case size – 243) Cost – Max 80£4) Contents – A mix of brewdog and guests, 75:255) Quantity – couple of each
Gar 05.11.2014 @ 2:58pm
Great idea. Definitely focus on quality over quantity. I can easy pop down my local supermarket and buy a few tins of punk if i want so it should be something a bit different and special. What would really make this worthwhile is having some really good chat and tasting notes about each beer. It could become a mini-intro to cicerone training. It would also be great to relaunch bottle club tied in with this so you can try them at the bar and have some chat.
Near Rome 05.11.2014 @ 2:56pm
1. Bi-monthly; 2. 12; 3. 30£; 4. 70 Brewdog: 30 guests; 5.A couple of bottles of each.
Julio 05.11.2014 @ 2:55pm
1) Releases – Monthly2) Case size – 12bottles?3) Cost – £254) Contents – BrewDog 75:25 Guest5) Quantity – Single bottleAnd, very important... shipment to Europe!
Simon 05.11.2014 @ 2:53pm
Hope the shipments will go across the channel!Releases : bi-monthlyCase Size : depending on type of packaging cans or bottles (weight and costs) but minimal 12.Costs: 40 maxContents: This could be variable mix beween a 50/50 and 75/25. Quantity: Id prefer a couple of each, tasting good beers is a social thing!
Vogod 05.11.2014 @ 2:50pm
1) Monthly or bi-monthly2) 6-8 bottles a month is plenty3) For 6-8 bottles: 25£ w/ minimal shipping costs abroad. If the postage doubles the price, its not really worth it outside UK.4) Yes, guest beers. 50:50 maybe. Something worth joining a club for. I can get your core range elsewhere.5) Two of each. If theres something really great worth aging for example...
Voxol 05.11.2014 @ 2:49pm
1. Monthly2. 123. £30 4. 75/255. SinglePS: Yeah, it would be actually awesome if this was also for non-UK
rob lee 05.11.2014 @ 2:47pm
1. Monthly2. 123. 30-354. 50-505. single bottles (we can always buy more if we like em.Please change your international delivery company to Austria to bring prices down. I get all my home brew supplies from the malt miller and he uses dpd they are cheaper than imports from germany. I use your uk distributor ales by mail for most of your beers as their delivery is also cheaper and they use royal mail. Great Idea
Rene Smit 05.11.2014 @ 2:47pm
1. Monthly2. 123. £304. 75/255. Couple of each
Sven Verschoor 05.11.2014 @ 2:43pm
1) Releases - Bi-Monthly2) Case Size - 83) Cost - max 30£4) Contents - 3 BrewDog 1 Guest. 75-255) Quantity - 2 bottles per sortI would join the club, but please ship it outside the UK too (Netherlands for me)!
Scorpians 05.11.2014 @ 2:42pm
1 - Monthly2 - 123 - £30/£404 - 75% brewdog 25% guest5 - mixed, maybe 2 each of say 2x4 of brewdogs and single guest ales.
amo chumber 05.11.2014 @ 2:41pm
£30 a month for 6 v.good beers would be manageable and accessible for LOTS of people.4 brewdog and 2 guest beers.At £5 a bottle (including shipping) this would surely allow you to showcase some exceptional beers?
Simon B 05.11.2014 @ 2:38pm
1) Quarterly2) 24 bottles if its Quarterly as this would be an ideal amount for me to drink without mass drinking.3) £40 (£10 a month)4) 60:40 in favour of guest. Having a Brewdog bar in Birmingham, Im likely to have sampled most of your own.5) Couple of each. (If we dont like it, we can always give the other bottle to a mate or relative).
Dave86 05.11.2014 @ 2:37pm
i like the sound of this; hate watching my missus get her wine club shipment! Personally Id like bi-monthly with 6 bottles and a 50/50 ratio. I love your beer but it would be nice to see the different types you guys recommend as well. As for payment mid to high 20s. Looking forward to seeing what becomes of this!
johnny b 05.11.2014 @ 2:37pm
Great idea!My thoughts:Monthly releasePick 6 beers 50/50 split with guest 1 core 1 amplified 1 small batch (if no small batch that month then 2 core or amplified) 3 guest beers in similar stlye to whatever brewdog is going in that month if possible.With that you could then choose to join for 6, 12, 18, 24 depending if you want one of each or multiple of each.I would reckon £20 - £30 per 6 per month would be fair. Depending how much small batch you would get over your yearly / 6 monthly subscription.
colinbm 05.11.2014 @ 2:37pm
Sounds great. Maybe offer different levels of quantity and regularity to fit everyones budget?Id rather skip the headliners and focus on small batch/guests, as I can either pick up headliners at the supermarket or order a larger batch online.
Alphus 05.11.2014 @ 2:36pm
Great news! One question: is it uk only or europe? If europe, how much will cost the delivery?
Ryan 05.11.2014 @ 2:33pm
1) Bi-monthly2) 123) £354) 75:255) Couple of each!Bi-monthly for £35 will make it more accessible to a lot of people, Id want this but couldnt do it monthly if it were the same price! A case of 12 with 8 Brew Dogs and 4 guests (2 of each one) would be perfect.
simon m 05.11.2014 @ 2:32pm
Already do 1 which is 1 beer every week works out at £36 inc p/p . My idea would be 12 bottles @ £30-40 50-50.Sounds great as long as its not on a thursday night.
rdoyle 05.11.2014 @ 2:31pm
It needs to be much better value than buying individually. I suppose one idea is make sure you include things in the club that dont go on general sale. Otherwise there will be doubtless be complaints about the beers that are sent. I would also suggest that a monthly fee of over £20 is more than a lot of people can afford, so it needs to have an easy opt-out option. Perhaps bimonthly is better.It would also be good for beer club members to be able to combine their delivery with a new order. If the club sends 12 beers at a time, allow them a few days before dispatch to order another 12 without delivery charge? 05.11.2014 @ 2:30pm
I would say a 12 bottle case, bi monthly or quarterly... 2 of each beer with 2 guests appearing maybe...?
Tommy 05.11.2014 @ 2:27pm
Id be all for a monthly 24 bottle 50:50 ratio case of 1-2 bottles per beer. If you could just get the shipping fees down to around 20£ for Finland (like this one other UK online beershop has)... Assuming this isnt intended as some UK-only club.
TheRealBriman 05.11.2014 @ 2:26pm
1)Bi-Monthly or Quarterly2)12 for Bi-Monthly or 24 for Quarterly3)£30 bi-Monthly or £50 for Quarterly4)50:50 between wonderful Brewdog and Equally wonderful Guest Beers. Ones that are a little more difficult to find. (Seasonal favourites would be awesome, Pumpkin Beers to arrive just in time for Autumn)5) 1 of each as I like trying new things.If you could launch about March so I could get this as a Birthday Present that would be awesome.
rabsci 05.11.2014 @ 2:26pm
1) Monthly is a good compromise.. then you can always have the option to order a one off selection outside the monthly deliveries.2) 8 is a good number.. or one way to do it would be in multiples of 6 and base pricing structure on how many units of 6 you want sending a month?3) Would it be possible to have a range of pricing? One price for standard beers then another for specialist beers (including guest beers etc.)4) I think something like 60/30 75/25 brew dog/guest beers would be good.5) I think one bottle of each.. I would see it as an opportunity to taste new beers which you then can purchase in the shop.
markmengis 05.11.2014 @ 2:25pm
Hi Guys,1) Every 2 months would do I think2) 12 Bottles I think, 24 is too much and 6/8 are too few3) £30 - shows quality without being too expensive4) 75% Guest 25% Brewdog5) Singles with the option to buy moreLooking forward to it!
martylikes2party 05.11.2014 @ 2:24pm
GREAT IDEA! 1. Monthly would be good2.24 bottles (My friends & family come round and drink all my BrewDog!)3. Currently spend about £70 a month with BrewDog, but that includes the Delivery (which is a lot)4. I like trying new beers, so guest beers would be welcome.. split 75-255. the more variety the better, If I like a particular beer, I can just buy more of that seperatly...
andyhawkes 05.11.2014 @ 2:24pm
Personally Id like a 12-bottle case of 50:50 Brewdog:Guest beers every month for £25, with probably 1 of each beer.Id also probably like a 24-bottle case every month for ~£50 for our office beer club, probably split 25:75 Brewdog:Guest beers and 2 or 3 bottles of each brew, but Im greedy...
BD fan 05.11.2014 @ 2:24pm
Hi,Will you be able to send to Norwegian club members? (Not sure about import/toll rules)I would easily pay £35-40 monthly to receive a case of 10 bottles.
welshmike 05.11.2014 @ 2:24pm
1) Releases – Ideally monthly, but if shipping costs were high then would go bi-monthly2) Case size – Depends on frequency, but 12 bottles a month seems reasonable3) Cost – £30 -£35 for 12 bottles (Inc delivery)4) Contents – As a BrewDog regular, I have access to BrewDog beer, whereas I see the point of a club being to try new things, therefore I would see a 25(brewdog) to 75(guest / small batch BD)5) Quantity – Struggling to make a decision on this one, but leaning towards a couple of each
Tommy 05.11.2014 @ 2:23pm
1. Monthly2. 123. £304. 50/505. Single
JamesElwynB 05.11.2014 @ 2:20pm
Great idea, chaps!A smaller case size of 6 would be ideal, as well as maybe 1 guest beer a month. Id rather pay in the mid to high twenties for a set of something really cracking each month, as the variation of a few bottles would keep it special. Quarterly would be the best alternative if this isnt viable.Thanks for being amazing!
Askari 05.11.2014 @ 2:20pm
Please make this available outside the UK at affordable prices!!!Bi-monthly would probably be best, with 12 bottles, each of them different, and a ratio of 75% Brewdog 25% guests
Imbaman 05.11.2014 @ 2:19pm
Giff 24 so online orderboy no need pay one million euro for transport 1 beer. Also gif good quality 70 own/30 hello I am guest beer.
raem 05.11.2014 @ 2:19pm
1) Releases – Monthly2) Case size –123) Cost – Max 40£4) Contents – A mix of brewdog and guests, 50:505) Quantity – couple of each
Sjoerd de Haan 05.11.2014 @ 2:18pm
Hi guys, Awesome idea. I hope something like this will be available for non-UK peeps too. If so, due to shipping infringements, you might want to combine packs to ship less often but bigger, to save on costs.Keeping my fingers crossed!