Here on Planet BrewDog we are always on the look-out for superb talent to join our crew - recruiting awesome people is a massive focus for everyone. We offer a referral scheme, for instance, rewarding current staff who find new superstars – as it’s often your closest friends who know you best. And that's a philosophy we are bringing to our 2016 BrewDog Graduate Scheme.

If you’d like to join us, we want your mates to do the talking.

Yes, we are seeking two recent Graduates to join our crew - one to rock our Production side (so think brewing, packaging, lab, spirits), and the other for the Business side of BrewDog (supply chain, procurement, sales, marketing). As we never do things in the expected way we are sourcing this intake via 30 second pitch videos submitted by their friends. If you have what it takes, we would love to hear from you (and also those closest to you)!

No-one knows about what you are really like better than your best friend (aside from your Mum, but she might only show us baby pics), so we want to hear from the mate who is going to convince us that their graduate friend - i.e. you - is right for the job. So if you are a really good friend of an awesome person who deserves to join our team, film a 30-second video and email it to them, so they can submit it before the 8th July to the Production or Business webpages!

The successful candidates will then go on to complete a two year long Graduate Scheme, rotating through different departments of our Ellon Brew HQ to give them all the skills needed to join the ranks of beer punks in a job title of their choosing. We are delighted with the calibre and energy of the guys who have joined BrewDog through the Graduate Programme and can’t wait to see what this year brings!

We took on three Graduates last year to the scheme, two business and one production. All have shown determination to succeed and get the most out of every rotation; our successful Grads have been an integral part of various projects from everything such as yeast analysis to stock planning! If you’ve recently finished your studies, have a burning passion for amazing craft beer, and are looking for a challenge, then this is the scheme for you.

So get in touch with your mates who know you best, tidy up that CV and get brushing up on your beer knowledge. You can submit your details to become a part of our Production or Business 2016 BrewDog Graduate Scheme, and we are accepting entrants until the 8th of July. The only other thing you need to do is maybe put a small amount of money to one side to buy those friends a beer or three if you come out on top…

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Arjun Malji 01.07.2016 @ 7:45pm
Hi, can international students apply to this scheme who will require a tier 2 work visa to work in uk?
Neil Mason 29.06.2016 @ 11:57am
If the person gets into production a thirty second video would be worth a lot of beer down the years!
Maxwell 29.06.2016 @ 11:20am
Neat idea! Baby photos would also help though I would have thought?