There are few craft beer-loving countries that have taken BrewDog to heart like the people of Sweden. Punk is the biggest-selling IPA in the country (in Scandinavia as a whole, in fact) and our bars there are always busy and serve some truly amazing locally-brewed beer as well as our own.

So we have added another to our Swedish roster - BrewDog Malmö has arrived!

Yes, our fourth bar for the country is in the south coast gateway city that links all others. BrewDog Malmö opens tonight, Wednesday 4th May, and is located at Baltzarsgatan 25, 211 36 Malmö, on the corner of Djäknegatan ten minutes from Central Station. Situated two blocks north-east of Gustav Adolfs Torg and just south of the gothic spire of Sankt Petri Church, it is a perfect site for our two-floor twenty-tap craft beer hideout!

BrewDog Malmö is ready and waiting with a range of incredible beers from ourselves, specially selected leading craft breweries and some of the best brewing talent Scandinavia has to offer. In fact, the twenty taps will include a local tap with a permanent offering from one of Skåne’s kick ass breweries (so think Brewski, Brekeriet, Remmarlöv, Malmö Brewing Co and more).

BrewDog Malmö also serves a series of amazing sausages from two local suppliers, available to pair with your beer of choice or take home (with select beers to go too), so you can take the BrewDog Malmö vibe with you!

Also on offer – an outdoor drinking area so you can extend that Swedish vibe in the fresh air, plus charcuterie classes, homebrew demos and shuffleboard!

It could only be Sweden for the fourth bar in a country other than our homeland. Our spiritual Scandinavian home is ready and waiting for another BrewDog bar – Malmö, är ni redo?

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PS 08.05.2016 @ 2:42pm
Nice, must visit there at August when coming to Big Slap festival!
Jason 04.05.2016 @ 1:48pm
I was thinking of exploring Malmo when I head up to CBC next weekend so this is good timing
HL7 04.05.2016 @ 10:41am
Had a great time at the shareholder preview night! So glad to have a BrewDog bar in Malmö!