As the week began we revealed the culmination of one of the most exciting projects in our history. For many months we have been working on a series of genre-defining sour and wild beers, brought to you via the magic of alternative fermentation in our standalone BrewDog OverWorks facility. It has been one hell of a ride, but the amazing crew helmed by Richard Kilcullen have come through with an incredible opening line-up of bottles.

Ten different BrewDog OverWorks beers are live now, ready to be discovered.

Punk x Funk

You can buy Punk x Funk online here

We begin with a clash of empires. Punk x Funk is a 5.5% ABV India Pale Ale fermented solely with Brettanomyces and aged in ex-red wine foeders for a month. It takes our passion for hops and our infatuation with wild flavours to a natural conclusion – the juicy, tropical notes from our signature hopload marry together with the dry, funky Brett addition in perfect harmony. Enjoy now or cellar for years to come, Punk x Funk is the pinnacle of two very different worlds.

Cosmic Crush

You can buy Cosmic Crush Cherry online here
You can buy Cosmic Crush Quince online here
You can buy Cosmic Crush Raspberry online here
You can buy Cosmic Crush Tropical online here

Next we are psyched to introduce the new flagship of the OverWorks; Cosmic Crush. This series of six Scottish sour ales – four of which launch today* – are set to be the backbone of our programme of alternative fermentation. Balanced, approachable and crafted with 100% mixed culture these beers are aged for a minimum of six months on different fruit, in foeder, and will be released one per month as we go forward. Get ready for your new go-to sour experience.

* The other two in the line-up will be Cosmic Crush Pear and Cosmic Crush Peach

OverWorks Wildcards

You can buy Aplomb Bomb (plum and vanilla) online here
You can buy Bedrock Red (redcurrant and lemon verbena) online here
You can buy Electric Blue (blueberry and lavender) online here
You can buy Gooseberry Fool (gooseberry and elderflower) online here
You can buy Panavision Pink (rosehips and roses) online here

Also live today are the OverWorks Wildcards. The raison d'être of these beers is to unite flavours that seem disparate in a balanced and complementary way. They are lightbulb moments in liquid form. An experimental series dialling into the very spirit of sour and wild ales, they result from the interplay of different crafts – farming, barrel-making, brewing. They have bright acidity and fruit character and are the product of re-imagining what we mean by ‘sour’ beer.

All of these small-batch beers are live now in our online store at and will be released at 6pm tonight, Thursday February 7th, in limited numbers of bottles across our UK BrewDog Bars. As an added bonus, Punk x Funk will also be pouring on draft in those bars too. Don’t delay in picking up your bottles – but rest assured that more will follow. The OverWorks is here.

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