As a business we have had a pretty crazy ride since we started with 2 humans and a dog in 2007 when pretty much no one in the UK even knew what craft beer was let alone wanted to talk about it or drink it. It was quite literally us against the world. And our only option to stay alive and stay in business long enough to have an impact was to make sure the world stopped and took notice. This feisty, scrappy underdog mentality is ingrained in our DNA.

Our mission has always been unwavering since day 1. To make other people as passionate about great craft beer as we are, and this is the constant yardstick by which we measure ourselves. Over our first decade the only way for us to compete with companies 10,000 times our size and with 100,000 times our marketing budget was high octane shock tactics which were often quite very close to the edge.

From The End of History, Hello my Name is Vladimir, Fat Cats, to Never Mind the Anabolics we were able to grow our brand and put craft beer on the national agenda despite being a tiny company with pretty much zero marketing spend.

As a company we haven’t been quick enough to realise that we have now built the platform we need to engage and excite people about craft beer and we no longer need to try and wrap things up in crazy stunts to make our voice heard. We are now a bigger company, a bigger employer and a bigger community than we used to be, and with that comes an increased responsibility.

We are now just over 11 years (or 77 dog years) old as a little business. There have been highs & lows, some huge hits & some epic misses, successes & failures plus killer beers & a few we would rather not have brewed.

We are going to continue wearing our heart on our sleeve, continue our mission to share our passion for craft beer, continue being irreverent and candid and continue trying to be the best employer we possibly can. We know there are areas we can get better at as we grow and evolve as a business and this blog shows our steadfast commitment to do just that.

We are going to focus more on beer, focus more on our people, and focus more on the things that we believe in.

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