Few parts of the world have taken the wonders of beer to heart more than Yorkshire. With a vast array of breweries and places to find their craft, it has a number of fantastic scenes for anyone after a beer or three – and we love that our bars are firm fixtures for the thirsty people of Sheffield and Leeds. But we are always looking to give people more chances to enjoy our beer – and with that in mind it is a red-letter day for the people of one particular city in North Yorkshire.

BrewDog York opens its doors at 12pm today; Friday 9th December!

We have opened bars in the centre of historic cities before – Edinburgh, Rome, Warsaw to name but three – and yet aside from strolling past the Colosseum, York has a sense of the past that few others can match. Home to the longest medieval walls in Europe it is a place that carries its history with it, and our latest bar is inside those famous defences a hundred yards from one of the iconic gatehouses that served as the entry points to the city.

BrewDog York is located at 130-134 Micklegate, YO1 6JX, and has an 800 year-old landmark to guide anyone towards it who may be lost within the jumble of streets to the west of the River Ouse. In York the saying goes ‘the streets are Gates, the gates are Bars, and the bars are always full’ – and our latest bar is a stone’s throw from the Bar on Micklegate. This historic royal entrance is a perfect neighbour for BrewDog York, and it makes our bar an ideal location for a refreshment break for anyone navigating the walls.

Speaking of which, inside our York bar GM Craig and his hand-picked crew are ready and waiting to dispense 14 taps of craft beer from ourselves and specially selected guest breweries, alongside a range of wines and spirits. For anyone who needs to head somewhere else but needs something to take with them (such as a train beer, for instance), BrewDog York offers a full growler service on any of the taps and has a selection of bottled beers to go as well. Plus it serves our justifiably famous pizza menu for anyone who needs something to sustain them!

BrewDog York opens at 12 noon this coming Friday the 9th of December, and from then on will be open from 12pm to 12am Sunday to Thursday and 12pm to 1am Friday and Saturday. Head along and discover what Craig and his team are serving, and if you have any suggestions as to the fourth city in Yorkshire we should visit for a BrewDog bar, let us know in the comments below!

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Rob 21.12.2016 @ 8:18am
Lincoln next please. Uni city with loads of hipsters as well as grumpy old men like me, who enjoy proper beer.
Stefan B 19.12.2016 @ 12:29pm
Sigh... I wish Doncaster was a city!
phil 19.12.2016 @ 12:21pm
where's the pinball ? remember you can drink bottles and cans at home
Tom 12.12.2016 @ 6:17pm
Need one in surrey Kingston or Sutton would be good!!
Jacko 10.12.2016 @ 10:00pm
All over this :)
Ryan 10.12.2016 @ 6:18pm
Get yourself to Belfast too!

Also - I have now had 3 great beers - hop fiction, ace of citra and electric India - which I can't get my hands on anymore- what's up with that?!
WhAlEoilbeefhooked 10.12.2016 @ 3:42pm
What a night
Festamonkey 09.12.2016 @ 10:37pm
Uddersfield is ready for you
John 09.12.2016 @ 1:45pm
Get yourself in Hull. Done the few draft tap take over nights you've done here. Just recently been to your bars in Birmingham and Manchester and enjoyed both nights. There's a few locations that would be perfect for you guys.
Brewdog fan 09.12.2016 @ 1:19pm
Please come to bath /bristol !
David 09.12.2016 @ 12:44pm
Get yourself set up in the Boro!
Paul 09.12.2016 @ 11:50am
YEAH! Finally :)
Punk 09.12.2016 @ 11:20am
The EFP night yesterday was so much fun! Great crowd and the building is awesome!
Rob 09.12.2016 @ 11:12am
I'll be there on Sunday to get some Christmas drinks!