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We love our ‘coming soon’ bar posts, here at BrewDog. Letting people know where in the world we are opening doors is great fun – not to mention it gets people talking. But if you’ve ever read one and puffed your cheeks out, thinking "Well, I don’t live in Norwich/Bratislava/Alice Springs – why should I care?" then this blog post is for you. Or it is if you’ve been thinking about investing in our Equity for Punks IV crowd-funding scheme.

Because you are 1/200th of the way to a BrewDog [Your Town].

Yes, aside from the other amazing benefits of becoming an Equity Punk (the #PunkAGM invite, the online and in-person discounts, the first option on all our new beers, and more) one of the lesser known advantages is our undertaking that if 200 new Equity Punks invest from the same town or city, if it doesn’t already have a BrewDog bar then we will endeavour to open one there within the next twelve months of reaching our target, or the closing of the offer if we get there early.

It’s basically like our Referral Scheme, only for an entire city!

If you’re a prospective BrewDog investor living in even the furthest-flung craft beer colony – then if enough new Equity Punks join our ranks, we’ll try our damndest to reward you and your 199 new friends with somewhere suitably epic to head to for your drinking pleasure. We’ll dispatch our bar hunters post haste to furrow their brows whilst standing on street corners looking at old dishwasher repair shops (or other similarly cool buildings).

And the first of these that we will start looking in?

Step forward, Peterhead.

Yes, to date we have welcomed 214 new Equity Punk investors from within the boundary of the Blue Toun, it becoming the first settlement to breach the 200-mark that doesn’t already have a BrewDog bar. So, we will now endeavour to look for a suitable site for a bar in Peterhead! 

Next on the list of BrewDog [Your Town] sites could well be another northern bastion we know well – Inverurie currently sits on 165 Equity for Punks IV shareholders.

When other towns and cities approach this magic number, we will let you know. If you have at least 200 people where you are and they all become Equity Punks, it could lead to a very special day indeed. Such as, for instance, the people of Peterhead. Party in [Your Town] soon, then?

You can find out more about investing in BrewDog at

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Richard 18.09.2015 @ 5:30pm
We like to have one in Haarlem Holland....
Simon 10.09.2015 @ 7:56pm
Croydon must be close?
roman 07.09.2015 @ 10:36pm
How many has Prague got so far?
Fraser 07.09.2015 @ 3:55pm
Inverurie needs Brewdog.
Alistair B 07.09.2015 @ 1:31pm
Inverurie needs a Brewdog!

Get one opened!
ARobertson 07.09.2015 @ 8:18am
"Toon" nae "Town".
Lewis 05.09.2015 @ 11:18pm
Any chance of one in Inverness?? Get one over the west side!
anonymous 05.09.2015 @ 4:07pm
Still waiting in Norwich.
Shane 05.09.2015 @ 2:04pm
Why not just offer franchise options to willing investors??
Ian 05.09.2015 @ 1:12pm
Like one in Sunderland the best place in the North East !!!!!!!
anonymous 05.09.2015 @ 10:32am
How much does Fraserburgh have?
Ross 05.09.2015 @ 2:11am
What about Fraserburgh the place where brew dog was born ? surely there must be over 200 investors in the broch ?
Kyle 04.09.2015 @ 8:25pm
San Diego, California? Seriously! San Diego? AmIRight?AmIRight?AmIRight?
Esteban García 04.09.2015 @ 5:53pm
Medellín-Colombia is waiting for you guys! Help us with the craft beer revolution here!
Chris 04.09.2015 @ 4:14pm
Oslo, oslo
Mike 04.09.2015 @ 3:42pm
Brewdog in Vancouver, Canada please!!! Seattle would be a cool location, too, when you get Brewdog USA going
Paul 04.09.2015 @ 3:15pm
How about Falkirk anyone as I'm moving there!
Nicola from peterhead 04.09.2015 @ 2:39pm
Yay!! Great news for peterhead!!! , theres enough vacant properties to pick from????
Kirstmck 04.09.2015 @ 2:27pm
Would love to see a brewdog in Canada.
Charlie Bruce 04.09.2015 @ 2:19pm
YAHOOO!!! you've just made ma day. There is a few vacant properties in Peterheid toon centre. The Equity Punks o' the Blue Toon have risen tae the challenge, well done people.
Sparky York 04.09.2015 @ 2:08pm
I hear a Brewdog is on the horizon for the beautiful city of York! Amazing city, fantastic craft ale community and crying out for a Brewdog!
Jodie Doubleday 04.09.2015 @ 1:51pm
Canterbury is crying out for a brewdog
Tom 04.09.2015 @ 1:06pm
Come on Salisbury!
Dean from aberdeen 04.09.2015 @ 12:31pm
Brewdog in the most liveable city in the world (Melbourne) would be a good fit
Neil 04.09.2015 @ 12:29pm
I hope this inspires the residents of Huddersfield !
Jack Kingslayer 04.09.2015 @ 12:21pm
How is the Norwich site coming along?
BrewDog Rich 04.09.2015 @ 12:20pm
Gav - You know the rules! ;)

Pedro - Sydney is a fantastic city, it would be cool to have a bar there, you're right

Ian - Dublin's on our list, don't worry!
Gav 04.09.2015 @ 12:17pm
Inverurie...Open one NOW!!
Pedro 04.09.2015 @ 12:05pm
I wonder if Brewdog Sydney will be real one day!
Ian 04.09.2015 @ 11:54am
How many is Dublin at?
Craig 04.09.2015 @ 11:45am
Whoop whoop hope this happens.....SOON
Mike 04.09.2015 @ 11:37am
Woah - I wouldn't have put money on Peterhead being the first! Lucky beggars ;)