On Saturday many of you will be popping open the debut offering from your beery advent calendars (or popping a chocolate into your mouth if you are old-school), as befits the first day of advent. But on Planet BrewDog the 1st of December also sees the start of a dozen days of amazing new, unique or super-rare craft beer in our bars – with one launching each day. The 12 Beers of Christmas are back - and it all starts tomorrow!

So let’s take a look at the reasons why you’ll be leaving that present buying until a little later…

Launching 1st of December – Radio Zombie Phone In

We are kicking off this year’s 12 Beers of Christmas in style, with the style perfect for the start of December – a warming imperial stout. But not just any WIS, this beer was first created in our Columbus brewhouse and was so amazing that we had to share it with our UK BrewDog Bar regulars. And from Saturday you’ll be able to do exactly that.

Radio Zombie Phone In is a hugely complex 14.0% ABV stout with a steely bitterness and a massive roasted backbone thanks to the addition of roasted barley. The other malts combine for a welcoming hit of dark chocolate, concentrated espresso and cinder toffee. Weighing in at every ounce of its ABV, Radio Zombie Phone In is the perfect launchpad for our 12 Beers of Christmas.

But of course there are eleven other beers launching in our UK Bars after it – all new, exclusive or ultra-rare. Set the drummers to auto-drum and head down to your nearest UK BrewDog Bar for the following. And check in four of these beers to score yourself a bespoke badge on Untappd!

• 01/12 - BrewDog Radio Zombie Phone In (draft)

• 02/12 - To Øl 1 Ton Of...Christmas. Sour with cherries, redcurrant and prunes (can) OR To Øl Santa’s Secret: Mochaccino Messiah Double Shot. Brown Ale with coffee (draft)

• 03/12 – Wild Beer Beyond Modus. Islay barrel-aged Flanders Red (keg and/or bottles)

• 04/12 – Magic Rock Dairyfreak. Milk Iced Porter (can)

• 05/12 – Northern Monk Festive Star. Spiced Mocha Porter (draft)

• 06/12 – BrewDog Barrel-Aged Ten Ton Truck Xmas Edition. (bottle)

• 07/12 – Buxton Nth Cloud. Double IPA (draft)

• 08/12 – Gipsy Hill Blitzen. Christmas Kriek (can)

• 09/12 – Siren Caribbean Chocolate Cake (four versions – regular, double, BA and ginger) (draft and/or bottles)

• 10/12 – Amundsen Technicolour Highway. Apricot and Peach IPA (draft)

• 11/12 – Redchurch Cherry Chocolate Porter (draft)

• 12/12 – BrewDog OverWorks Gooseberry Fool (draft)

The final beer in the list is a brand new beer from our amazing team of fermentationlists at the BrewDog OverWorks. A Scottish Sour Ale fermented with gooseberry and infused with elderflower before being aged in an ex-Barolo foeder from Emilia Romagna, this beer is incredible and used two different kinds of gooseberries (tart green and sweeter red) to grow the flavour and character to new heights.

All of these beers will be ready to go from the moment your local UK BrewDog Bar opens on the date in question – check your bar’s social media channels for which they are pouring when there are two alternatives! And as ever, leave your tasting notes via the comments below!

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Carole 02.12.2018 @ 1:20pm
Santas secret is amazing. Coffee and chocolate. Very festive.
Viktor 30.11.2018 @ 3:18pm
Please do the same in sweden i know we only have a few bars but please dont ruin my znas