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It’s a huge deal when someone tries one of our craft beers for the first time. When you’re breaking down the walls of mass-produced beer your outlook needs to be as all-encompassing as possible, which is why our line-up features 0.5% beer (Nanny State) and gluten-free beer (Vagabond Pale Ale). This continuing quest to be inclusive has led to our latest milestone.

We are now registered with the Vegan Society.

From now on our beer labels will proudly bear this logo, indicating that they are suitable for the hundreds of thousands of people who follow the principles of veganism in the UK (and many more overseas). That’s not something that can be said by the peddlers of lowest-common denominator industrial beer, who are driven purely by their balance sheets.

So what exactly is vegan-friendly beer, and how do ours qualify?

Some breweries use fish or animal-derived products to improve the clarity of their beers – either gelatin or Isinglass. This latter product may sound like an orc-besieged castle in Middle Earth, but is actually derived from the swim bladders of certain fish. These substances, known as finings, bind to yeast and cause it to settle out, leaving behind a clearer beer.

These are not things we have ever used at BrewDog – as far as we’re concerned their only possible advantage is purely one of cost. We let technology handle things instead, with our rock and roll centrifuge. This gyratory guardian spins at 4,700 times per minute, pushing the unwanted particulates to the bottom whilst leaving our beer suitable for vegans!

Our centrifuge was a key component of our move to Ellon in 2013, and has been whirring away ever since. For some time we have wanted its hard work officially acknowledged, so we are hugely excited to be registered with the Vegan Society, and from now on BrewDog beers will carry that instantly-recognisable logo on the reverse of our labels.

There are a small handful of exceptions – our beers that contain milk (such as Jet Black Heart) and those that contain honey (Dogma, Electric India). But the vast majority of our beers are – and always have been – suitable for those who are vegan, and we are proud that BrewDog beers are now officially documented as such. Just look for the symbol!

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Bonnie 29.02.2016 @ 10:52pm
This is fantastic news! Brewdog you should make some unfined beers, too - leave them yummy hop oils and such in there...
Brendan 20.02.2016 @ 7:36pm
Great news, thanks!
mal 17.02.2016 @ 12:16pm
Love it, keep up the great work and keep them vegan food options coming.
Lose Hill 17.02.2016 @ 11:27am

"I always thought yeast was a living organism....." Yes, it is microbial fungus, so not an animal. Vegans have no problems eating fungi, it often tastes delicious. Similarly we have no problem with microbes, they have no nervous system and no way of being aware of distress, which makes being cruel to them quite tricky.
BrewDog Rich 16.02.2016 @ 10:07am
RainbowJ - Don't worry, we will indeed be ensuring all our staff are aware of this so they can continue to help people out who come to our bars and are after a vegan-friendly beer (or two) ;)
Luna 16.02.2016 @ 10:02am
As a beer loving vegan this is great news!
Simon 16.02.2016 @ 6:48am
Great news. I actively travel to brewdog past lots of other pubs for your vegan beers and vegan burgers :-)
rainbowJ 16.02.2016 @ 12:20am
I am very pleased to hear this news... I took a vegan friend to a BrewDog last week and while the guy behind the bar did his best to help, he really wasn't sure as to what was vegan, and had never heard of isinglass. I hope BrewDog will be educating bar staff about this so that they can answer questions from vegans with knowledge and confidence.
mshedden 15.02.2016 @ 11:12pm
Vegandog, how about using Stevia instead?
Stephen Dunlop 15.02.2016 @ 11:07pm
Have you considered using Agave syrup instead of honey?
Dougie Gray 15.02.2016 @ 9:22pm
Hopalong Knut, you do know all plants including yeast are living organisms right? WTF made you post that? Vegans can eat plants,!
Vegandog 15.02.2016 @ 5:30pm
Next step: trying to find some interesting alternative to lactose to make vegan milk stouts etc. I'm sure you can do that in some ultra hype secret lab with loads of bearded men (and women) in white coats ^^
Now that would be something :D
Baz Conlon 15.02.2016 @ 3:02pm
Great news. Good for you to continue to challenge the mainstream. As a long term customer and vegan I definitely appreciate this move.
HopAlong Knut 15.02.2016 @ 2:16pm
I always thought yeast was a living organism.....
strike 15.02.2016 @ 1:46pm
Wait so there's no dog in these beers? What a con!
BrewDog Rich 15.02.2016 @ 1:34pm
ForHopsSake - you mean the Lumberjack Stout? That was definitely not part of the vast majority, no.
Robyn 15.02.2016 @ 1:03pm
This is awesome. Just shows you don't need to harm animals to make rediculously good beer!
forhopssake 15.02.2016 @ 1:00pm
Do they know you put have bacon in a beer before?
Hystrix 15.02.2016 @ 1:00pm
Needs more bacon.
Pete H 15.02.2016 @ 12:46pm
Yet another reason to vote Brewdog !
As if we needed another reason ........

P.S. Another vote for more T shirts, especially Jet Black Heart.
Fixer 15.02.2016 @ 12:31pm
Nice! M'on the vegans!
Lee90 15.02.2016 @ 12:05pm
Cool I am sure vegans appreciate it! More beer for everyone :)