We love dogs. They have been an integral part of BrewDog since the day we came howling into the world…we even put them in the name of the company, that’s how much they mean to us. This coming Sunday, the 10th of March, we’re celebrating everything great and small about our canine best pals. While Crufts is on TV showing off the perfect pedigree, we’ll be hosting our very own doggy talent show in our UK bars. Get ready for the canine event of the year…


Your pooch may not be an agility ace, have a show-ready bouffant or even understand what ‘sit’ means, but Crafts is not about best in show. We want to champion the weird and wonderful world of dogs in a place where every pup is welcome. The categories are:

“Best Trick"

Can your pup do a back flip? Play dead when you say Avada Kedavra? Pour a perfect pint of Jet Black Heart? We want to see.

"Goofiest Grin"

From sly smiles to toothy panters, all grins and grimaces are welcome.

"Best Wiggle Butt"

We’re after the sassiest walks, the bounciest bottoms and waggiest tails.

You can enter your dog for £1 per category – winning pups will win a bottle of dog-friendly Subwoofer IPA as well as £10 BrewBucks for their owner! All proceeds from Crafts entries go straight to Guide Dogs for the Blind.

We also have a top dog prize for the pup crowned “Best Bar Dog”. This prestigious award will only go to one winner so read closely for the chance to give your dog the glory they deserve!

Simply take a fun photo of your pup in one of our bars and share it on social media with the tag #CRAFTS2019 and a short sentence about your furry friend.

At 7pm on the 10th we’ll then announce the winner of the Best Bar Dog on our official social media channels and the lucky pup’s owner will win £40 BrewBucks!

If you want to enter your pup into our Crafts competition, just head to any dog-friendly UK BrewDog bar from 12pm-6pm on Sunday 10th March 2019. You can also enter in advance by clicking here.

May the best pup win!

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