A few days into the New Year we dialled in to a series of upcoming collaborations for the first months of 2019. As promised, we have since rocked a 15.0% Imperial Stout with Northern Monk and more recently an intensely vibrant tropical IPA with the guys from Verdant. Today we are psyched to announce the third in our brewery collaboration series goes live – an 8.5% ABV rye porter created with the amazing Buxton Brewery.

Deep Slumber is out today in bottle and will hit our UK BrewDog Bars on draft at 6pm.

BrewDog vs Buxton - Deep Slumber

Deep Slumber is also available online – you can buy it right here

We welcomed Geoff, Denis and Greig from Buxton up to Ellon just before Christmas, and the beer we brewed together has been conditioning ever since. As befits the name, this one has gained a huge amount from lying dormant in tank – Deep Slumber is a complex, layered porter thanks to a seven-strong malt bill and a mix of US and UK hops.

The rye, wheat and oats give a huge amount of fullness to the body; with the first of those adding an edge of spice to complement the subtle spiciness of the home-country hops. We have also channelled the ridgelines of the far Pacific thanks to Columbus and Cascade that yield a balanced bitterness to the dark malts and a hit of citrus on the distant finish. This beer is a dream ticket.

But we are far from done there. As you read this we have been hosting the incredible Bearded Iris Brewing from Nashville in our Ellon eco-brewery for a collaboration that will hit our online shop and UK Bars in May – check out our Instagram feed for more from today’s brewday!

Before that beer arrives, we have another locked and loaded. Landing online April 4th will be Neighbourhood – a 9.0% ABV imperial porter brewed with our great friends and local legends Fierce Beer. This collaboration also features the addition of raspberry and blackcurrant, riffing on the theme of Black Flagship – the beer that rocked our 2017 CollabFest.

And check out two of our upcoming collaborations:-

North Brew – The guys (pictured above with our Franz) joined us last week for an epic collab which will be big, dark and due in May.

Turning Point – We are locking in a brewdate for the rebrew of our #CollabFest2018 winner – Chip Hazard. This 5.7% ABV mint choc ice cream pale ale rocked the contest last autumn and we can’t wait to get Turning Point up from York to Ellon to create it in our brewhouse!

As you can see, we are forging ahead with our collaborations this year and we can’t wait for the beers to arrive. You can pick up BrewDog vs Buxton - Deep Slumber online here and it will launch at our UK BrewDog Bars on draft at 6pm tonight (Thursday March 21st). If there are any other global breweries we should invite to Ellon to mash in with, let us know in the comments below!

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