Ex-red wine wooden vessels feature heavily in the OverWorks cellar, making up 80% of our barrel store and 100% of our foeder hall. These barrels and foeders have a rich history conected with the family behind them. Previously holding Barolo and Sangiovese red wine from Emillia Romagna in Northern Italy, they are matched in their quality with their incredible beauty. A great barrel is a great barrel, but it’s nice when they look good too!

The elusive foeders are notoriously hard to get your hands on; enter our resident NPD specialist and ex-wine maker Fabio Prete, and his Italian contacts in Emilia Romagna. Frattelli Romualdi Matstri Bottai cooperage has been operating for 135 years in the town of Forlí, with an exceptional reputation in the wine, vinegar and beer industries world-wide.  

 With 5 generations of experience, they have been operating since 1883, passed down on the paternal line until the present day where they are highly regarded as the premium purveyors of Italian wooden barrels and especially foeders of all sizes. 

Enrico Romualdi currently runs the show, with support from his father and his son, as the 4th in 5 generations of Italian barrel maker. Emulating the Latin phrase passed down from his grandfather ‘ora et labora’ – ‘pray and work’, he is deeply passionate about the art of barrel making. 

‘Our products are the result of 130 years of experience and are made of wood from the best naturally seasoned French and Slovenian forests. The construction of the barrels takes place through the curvature of steamed staves, which allows a better stability of the wood but also eliminates bitter tannins, important for long ageing.’

– Enrico Romualdi

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